Jerry Marfe, Laveen, Arizona (arrested Dec 2013) [underage sex sting]

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    Jerry Marfe, 54, chemistry teacher at Betty H. Fairfax High School, Phoenix Union High School District, Laveen, Arizona, "suspicion of child prostitution"

    AZ Family: Former teacher arrested in child prostitution sting (Dec 18 2013)

    Jerry Marfe, 54, showed up to a hotel room expecting to buy sex from a teen prostitute, according to officials with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. "How old are you?" He’s heard asking a woman on undercover surveillance video. "We’re both 16. My birthday is next week," she responded. What’s even more shocking, the suspect admitted to being a teacher. "I teach chemistry," he’s heard telling the woman. Marfe did not know he was talking to an undercover cop and the entire interaction was captured on video.

    Jerry Marfe, Phoenix, Arizona, Betty H. Fairfax High School, Phoenix Union High School District
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    My Fox Phoenix: Sheriff Arpaio's office touts 111 arrests in "Operation Vice Grip" (Dec 18 2013)

    MCSO says the most notable arrest was a 54-year-old Fairfax High School chemistry teacher, Jerry Marfe, who resigned his teaching position after his arrest. In a surveillance video, Marfe could be seen meeting the undercover officer posing as a teenage prostitute in a motel room.
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    ABC 15: Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office arrests 30 people in Arizona child prostitution sting (Dec 18 2013)

    One of the most notable arrests of those soliciting underage prostitutes was a high school chemistry teacher who taught at Fairfax High School in Laveen. Officials said 54-year- old Jerry Marfe resigned his teaching position directly after his arrest. Craig Pletenik with Phoenix Unified School District told ABC15, Marfe was immediately placed on leave and later resigned from the district ... MCSO released video of Marfe’s arrest in the hotel room where he was caught soliciting a minor. In the video, Marfe is told the girl is only 16, but that doesn’t deter him:

    Marfe: How old are you?
    Undercover detective: We're both 16, almost 17 though
    Marfe: Okay
    Undercover detectives: Her birthday is next weekend
    Marfe: Really, wow. So how do a couple of 16 year olds get into this???

    Marfe is also told one of the girls is a cheerleader and according to court papers he then requests for her to wear her cheerleading uniform during sex.