Jerry Hoss Jr., Frankton, Indiana (arrested Feb 2014)

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    Jerry Hoss Jr. (Anderson, Indiana), 43, former (2005 - 2013) principal at Frankton Junior Senior High School, Frankton-Lapel Community Schools, Frankton, Indiana, "faces child exploitation charges for allegedly exchanging inappropriate text messages with two female students"

    Herald Bulletin: Frankton fires high school principal: Decision met with angry yells from large crowd (June 13 2013)

    The Frankton-Lapel school board made an unpopular decision to a standing-room only crowd Thursday night at a meeting. And many of their constituents let them know. Jerry Hoss Jr., principal of Frankton Jr.-Sr. High school, had his contract terminated by the seven-member board, a decision met with instant anger ... The board declined to discuss the specifics of why Hoss was fired, but open comments from those in attendance made it clear there was an investigation of text messages Hoss had sent to a student earlier this year.

    Jerry Hoss Jr., Frankton, Indiana, Anderson, Frankton Junior Senior High School, Frankton-Lapel Community Schools
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    Herald Tribune: Former Frankton principal arrested on suspicion of child exploitation (Feb 24 2014)

    Jerry Hoss Jr., 43, of Anderson, was out of the Madison County Jail on $10,000 bail at 8 p.m. on Sunday, about an hour after he was booked on charges of child exploitation, official misconduct and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The first two charges are felonies. Hoss was arrested by Madison County sheriff's deputies. According to the probable cause affidavit of the allegations, Hoss' cellphone contained evidence he contacted the two students in 2013 and 2012 and made inappropriate requests. One of the students, a then 16-year-old, approached Frankton Chief of Police David Hoffman in August and reported that Hoss had sent her several text messages early in the morning on Aug. 4. The text from Hoss' cellphone requested the teenager send him a "selfie" — a self-taken photograph — and to delete the messages from him after she read them. She reported to police that she believed Hoss was asking for a nude photograph. She said she got Hoss' number in June when he gave her a ride to a friend's house. The girl also told detectives that she knew Hoss had been accused of similar inappropriate conduct with a different student in the previous school year.


    Detectives examined Hoss' cellphone, confirmed the messages the girl had described and found half-naked pictures of Hoss that had been sent to the girl's number. Detectives also found messages Hoss sent to another teen, a then 17-year-old, on Nov. 2, 2012, when the girl was a senior at the high school. The messages asked the teen to come over to his house and drink with him. On Jan. 8, the woman confirmed with detectives that Hoss sent the messages. She said she never gave him her cellphone number and she assumed he obtained it from school documents.
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    Indy Channel: Former high school principal arrested on multiple charges - Police: Hoss exchanged text messages w/ students (Feb 24 2014)
    Detectives with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department interviewed a 16-year-old student and found that Hoss had sent the student multiple text messages requesting she take a nude photograph of herself and send it to him. He also sent the student multiple photos of his chest and stomach area to the student, police said.

    Hoss’ phone was immediately seized and searched. During the search, police found Hoss sent text messages in November 2012 to a 17-year-old female Frankton High School student. In the messages, police said Hoss asked the student to come to his home that night to drink.
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    NBC News: Former Frankton H.S. teacher arrested over text messages (Feb 24 2014)

    Detectives say [Jerry] Hoss sent text messages to a 17-year-old female Frankton High School student in November 2012, inviting her to come to his residence to drink alcohol. In August 2013, police say Hoss sent a 16-year-old student "multiple text messages requesting she take a nude photograph of herself and text it to him." Hoss also sent photos of his chest and stomach area to the student.

    WTHR: Former Frankton High School principal arrested over text messages (Feb 25 2014)