Jeremy Earle Brown, Germantown, Maryland (arrested Oct 2011) [soliciting a minor, child pornography]

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    Name: Jeremy Earle Brown II, Germantown, Maryland

    Age: 28

    School: Meadow Hall Elementary School, Rockville, Maryland

    Position: Special education teacher

    My Fox DC (19 Oct 2011): Montgomery County Special Education Teacher Arrested for Sex Offenses

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    Washington Examiner (19 Oct 2011): Special ed teacher arrested on sex charges

    Montgomery County Police press release (courtesy Germantown Patch):

    Detectives from the Montgomery County Police Department – Family Crimes Division, Pedophile Section have arrested a Germantown man for several sex-related offenses.
    Yesterday, Jeremy Earle Brown II, age 28, of the 12900 block of Pinnacle Drive in Germantown was arrested and charged with several sex-related offenses. Brown, a special education teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools, teaches kindergarten through 5th grade students with autism at Meadow Hall Elementary School in Rockville.

    Between July 5, 2010 and December 1, 2010, Brown was posing in online chat rooms as a 27-year-old male from the Washington, D.C. area. During this time, Brown solicited several undercover detectives from the Kenner Police Department in Kenner, Lousiana and the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office in Macomb, Michigan who were posing in online chat rooms as 14-year-old females. Brown made contact with and initiated sexual-oriented conversations with the detectives on several occasions. Brown also invited detectives to view his webcam video in which he was observed naked and masturbating.

    Following several chat room conversations with Brown that were sexual in nature, detectives forwarded the information that they had gathered to the Montgomery County Police Department – Family Crimes Division for further investigation.

    Montgomery County detectives developed Brown as a suspect in these chat room conversations with whom he believed to be juvenile females, and a search and seizure warrant was issued for and executed at Brown’s address. Several computers and thumb drives were seized which contained nude images of young females.

    Based on the above, an arrest warrant was obtained for Brown, and he was arrested on October 18 without incident. Brown was charged with three counts of sexual solicitation of a minor and one count of possession of child pornography. He posted a $50,000 bond and was released from jail on October 18.​