Jeffrey Schmutzler, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (arrested Mar 2013)

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    Herald Mail: Parents briefed on child porn case against Chambersburg Area Senior High School teacher: Jeffrey Schmutzler remains incarcerated on charges of receipt and possession of child pornography (Apr 2 2013)

    A child exploitation investigation involving a former Chambersburg Area Senior High School teacher [Jeffrey Schmutzler] so far has not indicated he perpetrated any physical sex crimes against victims, the lead investigator said Tuesday ... Schmutzler remains incarcerated on charges of receipt and possession of child pornography. Prosecutors allege he used software to place students’ faces on bodies in pornographic images. “This part of the situation is just beginning. We have a lot of work to do on the case,” said Laurie Reiley, a representative of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. Reiley addressed a crowd of high school parents Tuesday evening. She was joined by Postal Inspector Michael Corricelli and representatives of the Keystone Crisis Intervention Team.
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    WHP TV: UPDATE:Chambersburg School District holds meeting for parents about former teacher's pornography charges (Apr 2 2013)

    Dozens of parents of students in the Chambersburg Area School District spent the Tuesday night in the high school auditorium for a meeting. The meeting came after a high school teacher was found with a large amount of child porn on a computer. The images of students were apparently photoshopped by him, onto naked bodies. The Chambersburg High School Principal said early Tuesday morning, Jeffrey Schmutzler resigned as a teacher, but parents showed up to the meeting with plenty of questions for investigators.