Guilty! Jeannine Seoane, Metairie, Louisiana (arrested Mar 2012)

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    Name: Jeannine Seoane, 6213 Nora St., Metairie, Louisiana

    Age: 47

    School: Archbishop Chapelle High School [Office of Catholic Schools Archdioceses of New Orleans], Metairie, Louisiana

    Position: Social studies teacher

    Victim: Girl, 17


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    Times Picayune: Archbishop Chapelle High School teacher accused of sexual contact with student

    WWL TV Eyewitness News (28 Mar 2012): Chapelle teacher arrested for 'sexual behavior with student'

    6 WDSU (28 Mar 2012): Catholic School Teacher Accused Of Sexual Contact With Student: JPSO Arrested Jeannie Seoane

    Jeannine Seoane, Metairie, Louisiana, Archbishop Chapelle High School, Office of Catholic Schools Archdioceses of New Orleans
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    Bayou Buzz (28 Mar 2012): Archbishop Chapelle High School teacher accused of sexual contact with student

    Project NOLA (28 Mar 2012): Teacher at Archbishop Chapelle HS arrested

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    MSN (29 Mar 2012): Catholic School Teacher Accused Of Sexual Contact With Student

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    I can tell you this much. This woman did NOT do anything to this child. This kid is troubled and Jeanine was not given a chance to even have anyone at Chapelle that had known her come to her defense. There are many teachers at Archbishop Chapelle who I PERSONALLY know wanted to stand in her defense and were not allowed to bc of the bullying of Chapelle and the Archdiocese. SHAME on Chapelle and the Archdiocese for standing in the way of justice. The teachers were threatened with losing their jobs if they in ANY way associated themselves to this mess. There were teachers even fired over it. THAT is an obstruction of justice. This woman is innocent, but had children at home who needed her and feared not being believed (and people who wanted to defend her could NOT). She was pressured to plead guilty, and will hopefully be appealing soon. I hope this troubled kid comes to her senses and realizes she is ruining a person's life. Disgusting.
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    Indeed, sexual predators are always disgusting! She got off easy, really easy ... (& thank you for calling attention to this so I can update the thread :D)

    Time-Picayune: Former Archbishop Chapelle High School teacher pleads guilty to sexual relationship with student (July 11 2013)

    A Metairie woman who as an Archbishop Chapelle High School teacher had a three-month sexual relationship with a 17-year-old senior while at the Catholic girls school was sentenced Thursday to two years of probation after she confessed to "lewd and lascivious" contact with the teenager. Jeannine Seoane, 48, a mother of two teenage girls, averted her trial Thursday by pleading guilty as charged to prohibited sexual conduct between educator and student, and to unlawful purchase of alcohol for someone younger than 21. Both charges are misdemeanors carrying maximum sentences of six months in jail. In accepting Seoane's guilty plea, Judge Ellen Kovach of the 24th Judicial District Court suspended the jail time and ordered two years of probation with various conditions. Those conditions include paying fines and fees, serving 100 hours of community service and making monthly visits to a psychiatrist and in court. Seoane also is barred from contacting the teen, in person or through social media, Kovach ordered ... Seoane also must register as a sex offender and child predator for 15 years, a mandatory requirement under Louisiana law.
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