Jeanne Dawson, Blair, Nebraska (arrested Oct 2012) [failure to report child sex assault]

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    Jeanne Dawson, 2nd-grade teacher at Mount View Elementary School [Omaha Public Schools], Omaha, Nebraska, failure to report sexual assaults

    Her husband William Dawson, a detective with the Omaha Police Department, is similarly charged. He is also a candidate for the Blair, Nebraska, School Board [Blair Community Schools].

    Jeanne Dawson has been teaching for 20 years but at Mount View Elementary School only for the last four years. If anyone knows where she was teaching prior to her arrival at Mount View Elementary School, please post it.

    KETV: Police officer, wife accused of child abuse, witness tampering (Nov 1 2012)

    William and Jeanne Dawson are accused of putting a child into a situation to be sexually abused between 2008 and 2012. A now-16-year-old girl said she was sexually assaulted by a now-22-year-old man two years ago. The girl said the man inappropriately touched her and raped her at a home in Blair. In June, the man told investigators that William Dawson told him not to tell investigators that he sexually assaulted the girl. The man said "(William) told me not to mention touching her, not to make it seem like I forced her."

    Jeanne Dawson, Blair, Nebraska, Mount View Elementary School, Omaha Public Schools, Omaha, Omaha Police Department, Blair Community Schools
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    KMTV: Omaha Police Officer and His Wife Accused of Failing to Report Abuse in their Home (Nov 1 2012)

    Officer William Dawson is on paid leave from the Omaha Police Force. He lives in Blair and the charges come out of Washington County. Prosecutors charged Dawson and his wife Jeanne Dawson with witness tampering, child abuse and being an accessory to a felony. We’ve obtained documents that shows Dawson knew of possible sexual abuse going on in his home but failed to report it. Prosecutors also accuse him of encouraging the suspect to lie about what happened.
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    WOW TV: Update: OPD Officer, Wife Arrested (Nov 1 2012)

    The charges are all laid out in the court documents. It is alleged that both Bill and Jeanne knew about the ongoing sexual assault of a minor and did nothing to stop it. The allegations go further as authorities also believe Bill and Jeanne took an active role in trying to conceal the alleged crime from them by "coaching up" the now 21-year-old suspect. The investigation conducted by the Nebraska State Patrol led to a 16-year-old girl who, investigators say, told them she had been sexually abused over the last four years. The suspect, identified only by his initials in the court documents, is her brother.
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    KPTM: Police Detective, Teacher arrested for Sexual Assault Cover-Up (Nov 1 2012)

    Documents say they knew when an 8-year-old boy sexually assaulted a 3- year old girl more than ten years ago. Records also show the assaults happened as recently as two years ago. Investigators say Jeanne and William told the girl and the boy, who is now an adult, not to tell investigators the details. Health and Human Services received an anonymous call about the assaults. When investigating, documents show that the suspect admitted, "[William and Jeanne] told me not to tell you I put my hand down [The girl's] pants." When William found out that the man told investigators those details, documents show that he was surprised. The suspect told investigators, "He was surprised that I told you guys about putting my hand down her pants. He told me that, he told me not to tell you guys that and I shouldn't have mentioned it." Jeanne and William are both charged with lying to investigators, and telling the victim and the man to lie as well. They also face child abuse charges for putting the girl in a situation where they knew she could be assaulted.