Jamie Climie, Cincinnati, Ohio (resigned Nov 2013) [nude photos on internet]

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    Jamie Climie (xxx Lynn Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio), teacher at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, Cincinnati, Ohio, "charged with obstructing official business"

    WCPO: Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy teacher resigns after nude photo spread online (Dec 4 2013)

    A teacher has resigned after school officials said a nude photo of her spread online. A spokesperson for Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy said the female teacher resigned Monday ... The nude photo was discovered on a revenge porn website, where hackers, ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends often post inappropriate photos, along with personal information about the person. Next, the embarrassing photos can be forwarded to family, friends and colleagues. The photo was posted to the website on November 23. The woman made a claim on November 24 that her iPhone 4S had been stolen.

    Jamie Climie, Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
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    700 WLW: Former Teacher Charged in Nude Pix Investigation (Jan 30 2014)

    The former Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy teacher who claimed that her cell phone was stolen and nude picture(s) of her were posted online has now been criminally charged. West Chester Police say Jamie Climie's phone was never stolen, and that she lied about whom she told police she sent the picture(s) to. She's now accused of misdemeanor obstruction.
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    WCPO: Former CHCA teacher charged after lying to police about details in nude photo scandal, cops say (Jan 30 2014)

    West Chester police say Jamie Climie lied to them Nov. 24 when she said someone stole her iPhone 4S from her home at 9019 Lynn Avenue. She told investigators her phone housed personal nude photographs that she'd only sent to her husband. The previous day, Nov. 23, several nude photos were discovered on a revenge porn website, where hackers, ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends often post inappropriate photos, along with personal information about the person.

    Climie resigned from her teaching position at CHCA on Nov. 30. At that time WCPO spoke to the teacher's husband, who said he and his wife weren't sure how the pictures got online. He said they were working with local authorities to handle the matter.

    However, through a forensic investigation that included cellphone records and IP address backtracking, West Chester police were able to determine Climie had sent at least one of the photos someone other than her husband, according to a press release from the police department.
    Investigators say Climie has since come forward and admitted she lied. Her phone was never stolen.
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    WLWT: Teacher whose nude photos surfaced online faces charge (Jan 30 2014)

    Officers said they were called to Climie’s Lynn Avenue home on Nov. 24. She filed a theft report, claiming that someone stole her cellphone and posted nude photos of her online. Investigators said Climie was being untruthful when she filed the report. They said she admitted to sending the photo to someone other than who she originally claimed she sent it to.
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    I've closed this thread because the nude photos are easily found, and I don't want anyone posting them here.
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