Jamie Andrew Brown, Anchorage, Alaska (arrested April 2013)

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    Jamie Andrew Brown, 33, volunteer at unspecified school, Anchorage School District, Anchorage, Alaska, "multiple charges of sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl"

    Anchorage Daily News: Accused child molester arrested; Anchorage police seek more victims (April 17 2013)

    The alleged child molester, 33-year-old Jamie Andrew Brown, faces one count of first-degree child sexual abuse, six counts of second-degree child sexual abuse, two charges of possessing child pornography and two charges of making child pornography, according to court records on Sunday's arrest ... Someone contacted police Sunday after learning that Brown had taken pictures of the girl without her clothes on, [Anchorage police spokeswoman Dani] Myren said. Detectives discovered that Brown sometimes stayed with the girl's family and had been sneaking into her room to molest her, Myren said.

    Jamie Andrew Brown, Anchorage, Alaska, Anchorage School District
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    KTUU: Man Arrested for Sexually Abusing, Photographing Girl (April 17 2013)

    Anchorage police say a man arrested this week for allegedly sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl and taking explicit images of her had access to other children, and may have had additional victims. According to a Wednesday statement from APD spokesperson Dani Myren, 33-year-old Jamie Brown -- who occasionally stayed at the victim’s home -- was arrested on 11 charges Sunday, following a rapid investigation of allegations made the same day ... Brown was charged with one first-degree and six second-degree counts of sexual abuse of a minor, in addition to two counts each of indecent viewing or photography and possession of child pornography.
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    News-Miner: Man charged with sexually abusing 9-year-old girl (April 18 2013)

    ... Jamie Brown is facing numerous counts of sexual abuse of a minor, as well as charges of indecent viewing or photography and possession of child pornography. Brown was arrested Sunday after police were contacted by a citizen who made them aware of lewd photos Brown allegedly took of the girl. Police spokeswoman Dani Myren says there may be additional victims because Brown had access to other children and volunteered at schools and churches.
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    KTVA: Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting a Minor Volunteered at Anchorage School: ASD confirms Brown’s volunteer status at district school; police interview 2 new potential victims (April 18 2013)

    Jamie Brown was arrested on Sunday, April 14 on 11 charges of sexual abuse of the girl that investigators allege took place over a one-month period. Police said Brown occasionally stayed at the residence with the victim and her family. Police said Brown had been sneaking into the victim's room to molest her while she was sleeping. Online court records reveal Brown has a criminal history dating back to 2004, including convictions for theft.

    [Have to wonder how the Anchorage School District vets their volunteers!]

    The Anchorage school district said Thursday that Brown was a volunteer at one school in the district, and did have a connection to one ASD student, but their own research into the situation showed that he was never alone with students. The ASD spokesperson said the exact nature of Brown’s volunteer work wasn’t clear, but described volunteer work as ranging from helping teachers in the classroom to working with teachers on field trips.