Gerald Brent Gresham, Hamtramck, Michigan (arrested May 2013) [voyeurism]

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    Gerald Brent Gresham (Ferndale, Michigan), 42, teacher at Hamtramck High School, Hamtramck Pulic Schools, Hamtramck, Michigan, "arraigned ... on one count of eavesdropping"

    Detroit Free Press: Hamtramck teacher accused of spying on principal he wanted to date (May 23 2013)

    A Hamtramck High School teacher who wanted to date the school’s principal was caught outside the principal’s home in Ferndale with a video camera in hand, police say ... [Ferndale Police Lt. William] Wilson said the principal was talking with another woman at the time, and Gresham recorded some of their conversation on his video camera. “All he got was audio because he couldn’t see through the fan in the window,” Wilson said. Gresham had tried to convince the woman to date him, but she repeatedly rejected his advances, police said.

    Gerald Brent Gresham, Hamtramck, Michigan, Ferndale, Hamtramck High School, Hamtramck Pulic Schools
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    M-Live: Hamtramck High School teacher caught peeping on principal (May 23 2013)

    Ferndale police say Hamtrmack High School teacher Gerald B. Gresham, 42, reacted oddly after his boss, the school's principal, repeatedly rejected his offers to take her on a date. Gresham began spying on her through the window of her Ferndale home, according to a police statement. Police arrested Greshman about 10:15 p.m. Wednesday after receiving a call from a passerby who spotted a man in some bushes at the principal's home on Ardmore. When police arrived, they found Brent with a video camera.
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    Daily Tribune: Teacher video peeped on principal in Ferndale, police say (May 24 2013)

    A Ferndale man who is a teacher at Hamtramck High School is charged with illegally video recording the school principal from outside her bedroom window in Ferndale. “He had a video camera with him and was trying to record the woman in her bedroom,” Wilson said. “We later determined there were images of her on his video camera.” The woman, 34, later told police the suspect first approached her about a year ago and that she has rejected his requests for dates.


    Police said Greshman was stopped and questioned by officers April 22 after a caller reported a suspicious person sitting in his car in front to the woman’s house. Police stopped him as he was driving away, but let him go when he said he was taking care of a pet for a person who lives in the area but was away. “It seemed credible at the time because he lives nearby and officers wrote a short report,” Wilson said. “Now that earlier incident is tied in with his arrest Wednesday night and it seems he has been stalking her and visiting her home for quite some time.”
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    Daily Tribune: Teacher faces trial for video peeping in Ferndale (June 6 2013)

    A teacher accused of illegally video recording a principal outside her bedroom window in Ferndale was ordered Thursday to stand trial for illegal electronic eavesdropping. Gerald Gresham, 42, of Ferndale waived his right to a preliminary examination on the evidence against him before Ferndale 43rd District Judge Joseph Longo. Gresham was then ordered to trial in Oakland County Circuit Court.