Guilty! Eric Justin Toth aka David Bussone, Washington, D.C. (charged & on the LAM June 2008)

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    Washington Post: Tourist recognized ex-Beauvoir teacher on FBI’s ‘Most Wanted’ list (Apr 23 2013)

    After five years on the run, accused child pornographer Eric Justin Toth was captured in Nicaragua because a tourist spotted him and called the FBI. The tipster met the former DC school teacher, who last year was placed on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted’ list, at a “social engagement” on April 18, said Valerie Parlave, assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office. The woman recognized Toth from media coverage, and was able to tell the FBI where he was and what alias he was using, authorities said. “She was on vacation or other travel and she met him and realized who he was,” Parlave said.
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    UK Sun: ‘Paedo’ teacher who replaced Osama bin Laden on FBI’s Most Wanted list is caught (Apr 23 2013)

    Former private school teacher Eric Toth fled in June 2008 when cops in Washington DC wanted to question him over indecent images he is said to have taken of young boys. He was arrested by police in Nicaragua on Saturday and is expected to be extradited back to the States to face justice ... Local police chief Aminta Granera said Toth had been caught with a fake US passport, a fake driving licence and fake bank and credit cards when he was arrested on Saturday. He is believed to have entered the country in February.
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    UK Telegraph: FBI's 'most wanted' teacher arrested in Nicaragua (Apr 22 2013)

    Eric Justin Toth is accused of producing child pornography. Glenda Zavala, head of detectives for Nicaragua's National Police, said he was detained on Saturday in Esteli, a city near Nicaragua's border with Honduras, after an international detention request.
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    Washington Examiner: FBI's Top Ten fugitive doesn't fool tourist (Apr 23 2013)

    Eric Justin Toth was using someone else's name and claiming to be performing charitable work. But the traveler recognized the scragly-haired, gangly man as the person whose the face had been shown in media all over the world, on bus stops and Times Square. She called the FBI on Thursday. Federal authorities traced his travel records and financial records to an apartment where Nicaraguan police arrested Toth two days later.
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    NBC Washington: Most-Wanted Teacher Appears in Court (Apr 23 2013)

    One of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives -- a former D.C. teacher accused of producing and possessing child pornography -- appeared in court in Washington Tuesday afternoon. Eric Justin Toth has been charged with one count of possessing child pornography and one count of making child pornography. A judge ordered him held without bond until a later hearing. In court Tuesday, Toth waived his right to a speedy trial, which can pave the way toward plea negotiations ...
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    UK Daily Mail: How a tip to the FBI from a tourist on vacation in Nicaragua led to the arrest of 'Most Wanted' DC teacher pedophile who'd slipped into the country on a fake passport (Apr 23 2013)

    A tourist on vacation in Nicaragua provided a tip to the FBI that ultimately lead to the arrest of alleged pedophile Eric Justin Toth. The former D.C. teacher, who was on the FBI’s 10 Most-Wanted list for allegedly producing child pornography, was spotted by someone vacationing in the Central American nation. That individual alerted officials upon their return to the U.S, a law enforcement source told the MailOnline on Tuesday. Toth, 31, was arrested this week.
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    L.A. Times: Eric Toth, on FBI's most wanted list, is arrested in Nicaragua (Apr 23 2013)

    A former elementary school teacher who had been on the run for nearly five years was arrested in Nicaragua over the weekend on suspicion of producing pornography of young boys, the FBI said Tuesday. Eric Justin Toth, now 31, was once a third-grade teacher at Beauvoir, an exclusive elementary school attached to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. When Beauvoir officials confronted him about pornography of a student on a school camera, he fled.
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    Toth Eric Justin new FBI photo.jpg

    Washington Times: FBI shows new photo of D.C. teacher in child porn case (Apr 24 2013)

    The FBI has released a new photograph of a former D.C. elementary school teacher who was arrested in Nicaragua over the weekend on child pornography charges. The FBI hopes that the photograph of Eric Justin Toth will encourage any other potential abuse victims to come forward. The new picture being distributed Wednesday shows Mr. Toth with much longer hair than in the posters previously made public by the FBI.
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    Toth Eric Justin new FBI photo.jpg

    Associated Press: FBI releases new photo of ex-teacher in child porn case; hopeful others might recognize him (Apr 24 2013)

    The FBI has released a new photograph of a former D.C. elementary school teacher who was arrested in Nicaragua over the weekend on child pornography charges. The FBI hopes that the photograph of Eric Justin Toth will encourage any other potential abuse victims to come forward.

    Clones of the above article:
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    My Fox Phoenix: Ex-teacher writes judge overseeing child porn case (Feb 25 2014)

    A private school teacher in Washington who was captured in Nicaragua after a year on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" fugitives list has written the judge overseeing his child pornography case, saying he plans to spend the rest of his life "doing penance." Eric Justin Toth wrote the two-page letter as part of a set of documents that were submitted to the judge ahead of his sentencing, which is scheduled for March 11. The documents, which were filed Monday in federal court in Washington, include a recommendation from Toth's lawyer that he spend 22 years in prison. That's the low end of a recommended sentencing range agreed to by Toth as part of a guilty plea last year.


    Toth, who was captured last year in Nicaragua after five years on the run, told the judge in his letter that he hopes to spend his time in prison "as productively as possible," including participating in a program to train seeing eye dogs. Toth's lawyers wrote that he would like to serve his sentence at a New Jersey prison that has a program to train the dogs. Toth acknowledged in his letter that he knew by age 13 that he was attracted to young boys. "I knew society considered people like me monsters, so I swore myself to secrecy," he wrote. He also apologized for his actions. "For years, my brain manufactured one justification after another for giving into my sexual urges. In more recent years, I've worked hard to change that and continue to work on it in prison. In my heart of hearts, I've always known my urges are dangerous," he wrote. Toth ended his letter by saying he will "commit the rest of my life to doing penance, to kindness and decency, and to honest and perpetual accountability."
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    Washington Post: Former Beauvoir teacher Eric Toth sentenced for producing child pornography (Mar 11 2014)

    Eric Toth was listed among the vilest of predators on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. His image was splashed across Times Square and he spent five years on the run from child pornography charges, at times taking on fake identities and donning an eye patch to help conceal his identity. But before he was sentenced to 25 years in prison in federal court Tuesday, the former teacher at D.C.’s prestigious Beauvoir school admitted in dramatic fashion that he largely is who he has been made out to be. “I don’t pretend that anything I could say here today would ever make up for what I did,” he said. “Everything the prosecutors said was true. . . . I’m a good liar.” ... “They trusted me. They took me into their confidences. They welcomed me into their homes,” Toth said. “But then I betrayed it all.”
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    Huffington Post: Eric Toth Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison For Child Pornography (Mar 11 2014)

    Eric Toth, a former elementary school teacher who was once one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives, has been sentenced to 25 years for child pornography.

    Toth was arrested in Nicaragua in April 2013 after a five-year-long hunt by authorities to capture the former school teacher for child pornography charges. In December 2013, Toth pleaded guilty to three counts of producing child pornography, identity theft and misuse of a Social Security number.

    "I know I've hurt people, a lot of people," Toth told the judge at Tuesday's sentencing in federal court, per BBC News. After serving his 25-year-sentence, Toth will spend the remainder of his life under supervised release, the outlet reports. According to the Associated Press, Toth admitted that, while working as a third-grade teacher at Beauvoir school in Washington, D.C., he placed a hidden camera disguised as an air freshener that recorded 15 children under the age of 10 using the bathroom. A pornographic home video of a 10-year-old student that was made while the boy was sleeping was also discovered, the Washington Post notes.

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    5 named:
    • Steve Erway
    • Eric Toth
    • Ron Wilmore
    • William Cole
    • Larry Smith

    Some men identified in Washington National Cathedral report on sexual misconduct were criminally charged in other cases

    Steve Erway spent most of his adult life in prison, sentenced for charges related to “criminal sexual activity,” said his brother Daniel Erway. He died a few weeks ago, before the release of a report that would detail how deeply his actions and those of the other men had impacted students attending some of Washington’s more prestigious schools. A 19-page summary of the investigation launched by Washington National Cathedral into allegations of sexual misconduct by former employees or other adults at its private schools — St. Albans, the National Cathedral School and the Beauvoir School — and released on Thursday ...

    Cathedral officials said they were unaware of many of the allegations before the investigation. At least five of the men who were identified in the report have died, and three of those men’s family members could not be reached. Investigators said three men identified in the report are still living. They could not be reached. At least seven of the men named in the report had been criminally charged.

    Beauvoir third-grade teacher Eric Toth ended up on the FBI’s most wanted list after he was accused of recording students using the bathroom. He fled the country in 2008 and spent five years on the run before he pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in 2013. One St. Albans teacher left the school in 1986. Though investigators found no indication his departure was related to a sexual misconduct complaint, a student, a teacher and the parents of a student accused him of sexual misconduct, according to the cathedral’s report. That report detailed an incident in which the teacher placed his ...

    Three students, two from St. Albans and one from the National Cathedral School, accused Ron Wilmore of sexual misconduct in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He was a Lower School teacher from 1975 until 1984 when he was forced to resign after a National Cathedral School student accused him of raping her at a picnic, according to the report. After St. Albans, Wilmore served as director of Northwest Settlement House, now a nonprofit child care service in Northwest Washington. That organization did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It is not clear whether Wilmore worked with children ...

    William Cole, who taught at St. Albans, was accused of exposing himself to a student and showing another an “erotic magazine” in the 1970s, and according to the summary “admitted to having engaged in some of the alleged misconduct.” He left the school in 1976 “after realizing he had a problem that caused him to behave inappropriately with boys,” the summary said. “He also expressed his deep regret for any harm he caused.” Cole got a positive reference from the school after his departure, the summary said. The summary also said “there was a lack of clear and convincing evidence” ...

    Six former students accused one teacher, now dead, of sexual misconduct. Larry Smith taught at St. Albans from 1950 to 1970 and died in 2005, according to the summary. Smith also ran a camp in Vermont, the summary said, and was accused of abusing students there as well. Ben Schneider,who did not attend St. Albans, said Smith abused him at the camp in the 1970s. He said the fact that the summary named Smith made him feel “stronger and freer,” and called the report “the ending of a Grimm’s fairy tale.” “This man sailed by on a reputation and demeanor ...

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