Emily Susan Smith Jones, Winder, Georgia (arrested Mar 2013) [procurement of methadone & xanax]

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    First Coast News: Teen's drug related death leads to teacher's arrest (Mar 10 2013)

    Sheriff Jud Smith said that Emily Smith, off campus, provided drugs to the 18 year old, one day last month. And the next day the young woman died.
    Sheriff Smith said the drugs were in the woman's system -- high levels of Methadone and Xanax. According to the Sheriff, his investigators checked the girl's cell phone and found texts between her and Emily Smith from the day before, arranging for the sale of the drugs. Smith was arrested this week on charges of criminal distribution of a controlled substance, use of a communication device to facilitate the sale of a controlled substance, and reckless conduct. She's at home, now, on an $8,000 bond.


    A neighbor, Robyn Weiss, believes Smith was simply trying to provide medicine to her friend, and was not dealing drugs.