Guilty! Emily L. Nesbit, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (arrested Mar 2014)

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    Emily L. Nesbit (Carlisle, South Middleton Township, Pennsylvania), 31, English teacher at Cumberland Valley High School, Cumberland Valley School District, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, "accused of sexual misconduct with a student"

    The Patriot-News: Cumberland Valley teacher charged with felony over alleged sex acts with student (Mar 14 2014)

    Emily Nesbit, 31, who resigned from the school after being suspended, is charged with institutional sexual assault, a third-degree felony. Bail was set at $100,000 unsecured by Camp Hill District Judge Elizabeth Beckley this morning. Nesbit is not jailed. At a press conference this morning, Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed said Nesbit and an 18-year-old male student engaged in sex acts on school grounds, not outside of school.
    Emily L. Nesbit, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, South Middleton Township, Cumberland Valley High School, Cumberland Valley School District, Carlisle
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    ABC 27: CV teacher charged with institutional sexual assault (Mar 14 2014)

    A Cumberland Valley High School teacher has been charged with institutional sexual assault for her alleged relationship with an 18-year-old student. Emily L. Nesbit, 31, of Carlisle, was charged Friday morning with the third-degree felony count, which carries a maximum penalty of seven years in prison, Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed said. Freed said Nesbit and the male student engaged in sexual acts in her classroom after school hours. He said Nesbit and the student also exchanged text messages with photographs of themselves in various states of undress, and the investigation began when another student learned of the photos.


    Freed said all sexual acts known to investigators occurred at the high school. He added that Nesbit is cooperating with investigators. School administrators said they learned of the alleged incidents Monday and notified police and the district attorney's office.
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    WGAL: Teacher accused of sexual misconduct: Cumberland Valley High School teacher Emily Nesbit resigns (Mar 14 2014)

    Silver Spring Township police were made aware of the allegation against Emily Nesbit, an English teacher, on Tuesday and recommended charges to the District Attorney. Charges were filed on Friday. Officials said Nesbit was the 11th grade English teacher of the now 18-year-old student ... Documents show that Nesbit admitted to investigators that she would meet the student in her classroom after school and they engaged in sexual acts. Officials said the teacher and student turned over their cell phones to investigators who found suggestive text messages and photos of the teacher and student in various states of undress.
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    The Sentinel: CV teacher charged with institutional sexual assault (Mar 14 2014)

    Emily L. Nesbit, 31, of Carlisle, was charged with felony institutional sexual assault after police received a report from school officials regarding possible sexual misconduct at Cumberland Valley High School between Nesbit and an 18-year-old student ... The district said its administration learned of allegations on Monday and immediately notified local law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office in accordance with the Child Protective Services Law. Nesbit, who is an English teacher at the high school, was placed on administrative leave Monday and resigned her position on Wednesday.


    The allegations came to light after a student received information and turned it over to the administration, Freed said ... The affidavit of probable cause said police met with the student involved, who did not deny the allegations of a relationship and turned over his cellphone to police. Police say the student reported he has been meeting with Nesbit in her classroom “a couple times a week” after the end of the school days, has held hands with her and kissed her in the past, and that incidents of sexual contact had occurred. The documents state the student reported that all these incidents occurred in the classroom after the end of the school day and that he and Nesbit began communicating regularly about two months ago.

    Police said text messages between the two, dating from Feb. 19 to March 10, were found on the student’s phone, under the contact “My Lady Friend,” and provided evidence of “a relationship between the two of both a personal and sexual nature.” The messages discuss meeting in her classroom during and after school hours, exchanging photographs of each other in various states of undress, and Nesbit “further discusses a desire to have sex with him,” implying that, “some sexual activity had already taken place.” Nesbit was interviewed at her home and admitted to sexual acts with the student about a week prior, reported that she and the student have held hands and kissed and that their meetings occurred in the classroom.

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    Fox 43: Cumberland Valley teacher accused of sexual assault of student (Mar 14 2014)

    Police charged [Emily Nesbit] Friday with one felony count of institutional sexual assault. The student is 18; Nesbit is charged based on her position as a teacher, “without regard to age.” Police say Nesbit admitted she performed a sex act on the student at the school last week. The student said they also kissed and held hands. They met in her classroom a couple of times a week after school.
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    Patriot-News: Cumberland Valley teacher performed sex act with student in her classroom, police say (Mar 13 2014)

    Police started their investigation around 2:45 p.m. Monday after receiving a call from high school administrators. Officer Christopher Butler arrived at the school in Silver Spring Township and spoke with associate principal Rob Martin. Butler learned from Martin that another 18-year-old female student had reported looking through the cellphone of the male student with his permission. She said she saw conversations between the student, whose age was not stated, and [Emily L.] Nesbit that seemed sexual in nature.

    The male student in an interview that day with Butler did not deny he had a "relationship" with Nesbit, Huff said. He also turned over his iPhone to police. The student was then interviewed Tuesday morning at the township police department. He said he had been meeting with Nesbit in her classroom a couple times a week at the end of the school day. He said he held hands with the teacher and they had kissed in the past. He also said that a week prior Nesbit had performed a sexual act with him in her classroom and they had been communicating regularly for roughly two months.

    The student’s iPhone showed that he labeled Nesbit as “My Lady Friend” in his phone. It also revealed that the student and Nesbit had exchanged photographs of each other in various states of undress and had discussed meeting in her classroom during and after school hours. Moreover, Nesbit in the messages stated her desire to have sex with the student, and police said the messages also inferred some sexual activity had taken place. Nesbit was interviewed by police later on Tuesday and admitted to performing the sex act with the student. She also acknowledged they had held hands and kissed and that all of their meetings had occurred in her classroom. Nesbit at that point turned over her iPhone to police.

    NBC Philadelphia: Teacher Charged with Sex Act with Student (Mar 15 2014)

    WKBN: Pa. teacher charged with sex act with student (Mar 16 2014)
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    UK Daily Mail: Female teacher, 31, faces up to seven years behind bars for 'performing a sex act on her 18-year-old student in her classroom and sending partially nude photos' (Mar 16 2014)
    • Even though the 18-year-old is of legal age, the relationship is still misconduct because it is between teacher and student
    • Emily Nesbit, an 11th grade English teacher, came under suspicion after another student noticed the text messages from her on the boy's cell phone
    • Nesbit's lawyer Brian Perry said she had made 'a series of bad decisions at a low point in her life'
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    Patriot-News: Cumberland Valley School Board to vote tonight on resignation of teacher charged with institutional assault (Mar 17 2014)

    The resignation of the English teacher charged with assaulting an 18-year-old student at Cumberland Valley High School is on the agenda at tonight’s Cumberland Valley School Board meeting ... Emily Nesbit, 31, was charged with institutional assault on March 14 by Silver Spring Township police. The school district said Nesbit resigned March 12 after school officials learned of the allegations March 10 and suspended her that day.
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    Radar Online: Teacher, 31, Arrested For Sex With Male Student, 18, After Series Of Suggestive Texts Uncover Scandal (Mar 17 2014)

    A 31-year-old English teacher is in custody, and facing up to seven years in prison, as she stands accused of institutional sexual assault after exchanging graphic texts with an 18-year-old student — and performing an alleged sex act on him inside the classroom — officials in Pennsylvania said. Cumberland Valley High School English teacher Emily Nesbit’s alleged act of sex with a student of legal age remains illegal, authorities said, as it violates the teacher-student relationship. Officials said that Nesbit frequently texted the student informing him of her desires, as well as providing him with racy selfies; and that the tip came from a student who caught wind of one of the illicit communications.
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    NY Daily News: Pennsylvania teacher had sex with student in classroom: cops (Mar 17 2014)

    Emily Nesbit, 31, of South Middleton Township, admitted to having sex with the 18-year-old student, including one encounter that took place in a classroom as recent as two weeks ago, Cumberland County authorities said. Nesbit was an 11th grade English teacher at Cumberland Valley High School before she abruptly resigned on Wednesday, two days after school officials learned of her alleged hook-ups, reported. She turned herself into police on Friday and was charged with institutional sexual assault ... Authorities said the investigation began after a female friend found racy texts and photos from Nesbit on the unnamed 18-year-old's phone. During an interview, the high-schooler admitted to having a sexual relationship with the teacher, saying they'd kissed and held hands.
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    Hollywood Gossip: Emily Nesbit, H.S. English Teacher, Arrested For Having Sex with Student in Classroom (Mar 18 2014)

    Police say that [Emily] Nesbit admitted meeting an 18-year-old male student for sex in a classroom after hours at Cumberland Valley High School in Mechanicsburg, Pa. Nesbit is charged based on her position as a teacher, without regard to the age of the student. If convicted she could face up to seven years in prison. Administrators learned about the alleged inappropriate contact March 10 after a female student discovered sexual text messages on the alleged victim's phone. These included partially clothed and naked pics of the couple. Silver Spring (Pa.) Township police learned that the student and teacher had been in contact for about two months and met several times in the classroom after school.
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    Cafe Mom: Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault of Student Deserves a Break (VIDEO) (Mar 18 2014)

    A high school teacher in Pennsylvania named Emily Nesbit is facing felony charges after she was caught having sex with one of her students. The twist here that is different from many similar stories we've heard before ... The student is 18 years old currently, and it seems that he was when he was in this inappropriate relationship with Nesbit. The 11th grade English teacher admitted she had been having sex with him, and they were even involved in an encounter in a classroom as recently as two weeks ago, according to Cumberland County authorities. But two days after school officials learned of her alleged hook-ups, Nesbit reportedly abruptly resigned, later turning herself into police on Friday. She was then formally charged with institutional sexual assault and now faces up to seven years behind bars. (Meanwhile, the student faces no charges.) While I could see the need for a jail sentence for Nesbit, I'm not sure up to seven years is necessary, considering the age of the student.
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    Former CV teacher pleads guilty in in institutional sexual assault case

    A former Cumberland Valley High School teacher who police said had sexual contact with a student on school grounds pleaded guilty Tuesday in Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas to institutional sexual assault. Emily L. Nesbit, 31, of Carlisle, a former English teacher, was charged in March after Silver Spring Township Police began an investigation into allegations that she was involved in sexual misconduct with an 18-year-old student.

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