Edward Joseph Bolanos Dela Luna, British Columbia, Canada (reprimanded May 2012) [physical abuse]

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    Edward Joseph Bolanos Dela Luna (school & city not specified), British Columbia, Canada, physical abuse & restraint of student, told same student to "shut up"

    British Columbia Ministry of Education, Teacher Regulation Branch:

    Edward Joseph Bolanos Dela Luna admitted to professional misconduct and agreed that his conduct was contrary to Standards 1 and 2. A school investigation revealed that in May 2011, while working with a group of grade 7 students who were rehearsing a dance routine, Mr. Dela Luna struck a student on the back of his head when the student was not paying attention and said, "oh sorry I thought there was a fly on your head." Later Mr. Dela Luna told the same student to "shut up" when he was talking while Mr. Dela Luna was organizing the class. Subsequently, later in the day when the same student tried leaving the classroom, Mr. Dela Luna physically restrained him. On May 30, 2012, the Commissioner executed the Consent Resolution Agreement in which Mr. Dela Luna agreed to receive a reprimand pursuant to section 64(a) of the Teachers Act.

    Edward Joseph Bolanos Dela Luna, British Columbia, Canada