Donald Bills, Provo, Utah (arrested Jan 2014)

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    Donald Bills (Orem, Utah), 54, medical teacher at Provo High School, Provo City School District, Provo, Utah, "sexual relations with a student"

    Fox 13 Now: Provo High School teacher accused of sexually assaulting student (Jan 24 2014)

    According to Provo police, it was a tip to the principal at Provo High School Thursday that lead school officials to alert authorities of a possible inappropriate relationship between a teacher and student. “That information was taken from our school resource officer, who is in the school, and given to our special victims unit, who responded and began the investigation,” Siufanua said. The investigation moved fast, Provo police interviewed the 17-year-old victim and brought 55-year-old Donald Bills into custody ... Police believe the alleged relationship began in December, but no crimes were committed until recently. Bills faces multiple counts of several charges, including object rape, forcible sexual abuse and forcible sodomy.

    Donald Bills, Provo, Utah, Orem, Provo High School, Provo City School District
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    Deseret News: Provo High teacher sexually abused one of his students, police say (Jan 24 2014)

    A 17-year-old girl told police that "passionate" kissing, inappropriate touching and sexual activity occurred on "multiple occasions" at the high school. Science teacher Donald Bills, 54, of Orem, was booked into the Utah County Jail for investigation of forcible sexual abuse, four counts of object rape, and two counts of forcible sodomy. The alleged abuse came to light after one of the student's friends found inappropriate text messages on the teen's cellphone, which prompted discussions between the girl, her parents and Bills, said Provo Police Lt. Mathew Siufanua
    The teen told investigators that a first kiss occurred in December but most of the incidents happened within the past two weeks. Bills admitted to kissing, oral sex and inappropriate touching, and he said the last incident occurred on Tuesday, a police affidavit states. Police are unsure whether the girl consented to the relationship, but, either way, Siufanua said, the behavior was inappropriate.

    KSL: Provo High teacher arrested for alleged sexual abuse of female student (Jan 24 2014)
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    KUTV: Provo Teacher Under Arrest For Sex Abuse Charges (Jan 24 2014)

    [Lt. Mathew] Siufanua says Bills and the girl have known each other for some time. He says the inappropriate relationship started last month, and the sexual crimes happened in the last couple of weeks ... The district says a person saw some inappropriate text messages between the two and reported it to school administrators. Bills was questioned and police say he admitted to having the relationship. “At this time we believe there is only on victim in this case. We don’t believe there are other victims,” said Siufanua. Bills was booked into the Utah County jail where he faces charges of object rape, forcible sexual abuse and forcible sodomy.
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    Salt Lake Tribune: Provo High teacher jailed on student sex allegations (Jan 24 2014)

    Provo police Lt. Mathew Siufanua said Friday the alleged assaults took place at the high school, where Bills taught emergency medical technician courses. The incidents, involving a 17-year-old girl, occurred both during and after school hours over the past two weeks, police said. Siufanua said that text messages sent back and forth between the suspect and the girl had been obtained by an unidentified third party and brought to the attention of police, sparking the investigation. A jail probable cause statement contends that Bills had admitted to the relationship in conversation with other faculty members and then later to police, after he came into the department’s offices for questioning, Siufanua said. The girl also disclosed the alleged sexual contacts when interviewed by investigators.
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    Daily Herald: Provo teacher arrested on sex abuse charges (Jan 24 2014)

    Donald Bills, 54, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of forcible sexual abuse, rape and forcible sodomy, said Provo police Lt. Mathew Siufanua. Bills was released from Utah County Jail on Friday after posting $20,000 bail.

    The Republic: Provo high school teacher arrested on sex abuse charges posts bail, is put on leave (Jan 24 2014)

    San Francisco Chronicle: Provo teacher arrested on sex abuse charges (Jan 24 2014)

    Daily Reporter: Provo high school teacher arrested on sex abuse charges posts bail, is put on leave (Jan 24 2014)