Dietrich Leonardo Vasquez, Kissimmee, Florida (arrested July 2013)

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    Dietrich Leonardo Vasquez, 34, band director at Horizon Middle School, School District of Osceola, Kissimmee, Florida, "arrested on child-sex charges"

    Orlando Sentinel: School band director at Horizon Middle faces teen-sex charge (June 17 2013)

    Deputies say Dietrich Leonardo Vasquez, 34, who teaches at Horizon Middle School, was caught with a former student in the back seat of his Toyota Scion in the Trafalgar Village subdivision at about 8 p.m. "It appeared as if the males were involved in a sex act," said Twis Lizasuain, a sheriff's spokeswoman.

    Vasquez told deputies he met the 17-year-old when he was a music student at Horizon and that the two started communicating recently on Facebook after the victim put a post on the social-media website "asking for someone to buy him alcohol." The teacher picked up the victim at his residence at about 2 p.m, purchased alcohol for them both, then parked his car in the back of the community so the two could "engage in consensual sex," Lizasuain said. Deputies noted a few things about Vasquez in their arrest report, saying "his balance was unsteady and his eyes were blood shot red."

    Dietrich Leonardo Vasquez, Kissimmee, Florida, Horizon Middle School, School District of Osceola
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    Central Florida News 13: Middle school band director accused of sex with student (June 17 2013)

    Investigators said 34-year-old Dietrich Vasquez was caught with a 17-year-old boy in the back of his car Tuesday evening. Vasquez, a music teacher at Horizon Middle School, in Kissimmee, said he first met the teen when the boy was a student there. Deputies said they responded Tuesday evening to an anonymous complaint about a suspicious vehicle in the Trafalgar Village subdivision, in Kissimmee. When they arrived, they said they found Vasquez and the 17-year-old partially clothed in the back of the Vasquez's car. Vasquez told deputies the two recently began communicating on Facebook and agreed to meet earlier in the day. He said he picked up the teen at his home and bought alcohol for him.