Derek John Bates, Montezuma, Iowa (arrested June 2013)

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    Derek John Bates, 27, teacher at Montezuma Junior / Senior High School, Montezuma Community Schools, Montezuma, Iowa, "multiple counts of sexual abuse"

    Des Moines Register: Police: Former Montezuma teacher sexually abused students (June 10 2013)

    A former Montezuma High School teacher [Derek John Bates] has been charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse after four students came forward to accuse him of improper behavior while he was employed there, officials said ... Bates resigned from Montezuma High School in October 2012 after he was charged with providing alcohol to a person under the legal age and consuming alcohol on school property. Police said he provided whiskey to a 17-year-old male in September at the high school and both became intoxicated. The new charges stem from an investigation that began in April after officials from the Montezuma School District notified the Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office that a student had made allegations of improper conduct ... according to the charges in online court records [the students] were 12 or 13 years old.

    KCRG: Former Iowa Teacher Accused of Sexual Abuse (June 10 2013)

    Omaha World Herald: Ex-Iowa high school teacher accused of sexual abuse of 4 students (June 10 2013)

    WOI TV: Montezuma Teacher Accused of Sex Abuse (June 10 2013)

    North Jersey: Authorities: Iowa teacher accused of sexual abuse (June 10 2013)

    Derek John Bates, Montezuma, Iowa, Montezuma Junior / Senior High School, Montezuma Community Schools
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    WHO TV: SEXUAL ABUSE: Former Teacher Charged (June 10 2013)

    Twenty-seven-year-old Derek Bates was arrested Thursday and charged with four counts of third degree sexual abuse, four counts of sexual exploitation by a school employee, three counts of intent to commit sexual abuse and one count of indecent contact with a minor. The victims are all 12 or 13 years old. Bates resigned from Montezuma High School last October. At that time he admitted that he gave one of his students alcohol at the high school.
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    WHO TV: TEACHER ARRESTED: Charged With Sexual Abuse (June 10 2013)

    What makes parents here in this small community even more upset, [Derek John] Bates is a home-town boy, born and raised in Montezuma. He even graduated from the high school. Neighbors say Bates often spent time with young boys in his garage, but they figured he was just exercising with the kids ... Bates quit his job at the high school last year after admitting to drinking whiskey with a 17-year old in a classroom.
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    KCCI: Former teacher accused of sexually abusing 4 students (June 10 2013)

    The Poweshiek County Sheriff's Office said Derek Bates, 27, faces four counts of third-degree sexual abuse and other charges. He was arrested Thursday. The Des Moines Register newspaper said a student contacted authorities with allegations of improper conduct. Three other students later reported similar allegations.
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    Just wanted to make a note that he did not quit his teaching job, he HAD TO resign or be fired because he was caught drinking and supplying WHISKEY to a minor a student at the school on a Sunday evening. No one was in the school at the time. Just them in his class room. Bates was so drunk his family took him to the ER. The student was found on the side of the road passed out in his pickup truck.
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    The reporter seems unaware that he Derek Bates already had ongoing sexual abuse charges from 2012-13 ...

    Former Montezuma teacher accused of sexual abuse

    29 Aug 2014

    A former employee of the Montezuma School District is accused of sexually abusing two minors in 2012. A release from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation says the Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office received a report on June 14, 2014 claiming abuse by 28-year-old Derek Bates.

    Deputies arrested Bates on Friday and charged him with two counts of Third Degree Sexual Abuse, a Class C felony, among other charges. He is accused of having sexual contact with two minors between March and July 2012, when they were enrolled as students in the Montezuma School District. Court records show the students were 12 and 13 years old at the time.

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