Davonte Jackson, Asheville, North Carolina (arrested Apr 2013)

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    Davonte Jackson, 25, first-grade teacher's aide at Ira B. Jones Elementary School, Asheville City Schools, Asheville, North Carolina, "two counts of indecent liberties with a child"

    Fox Carolina: Teacher's aide accused of indecent liberties with a child (Apr 9 2013)

    Asheville police said they have charged an elementary school teaching assistant with two counts of indecent liberties with a child. Police said they arrested 25-year-old Davonte Jackson on Tuesday after they received reports about the incidents that took place in November 2012 and in the past week.

    Davonte Jackson, Asheville, North Carolina, Ira B. Jones Elementary School, Asheville City Schools
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    Times News Online: Asheville teacher's assistant charged with indecent liberties (Apr 9 2013)

    The Asheville Police Department arrested and charged a teacher's assistant [Davonte Jackson,] Tuesday with two counts of indecent liberties with a child ... The separate incidents were reported to have occurred in November of 2012 and this past week ...
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    WLOS: Molestation Investigation, Mothers Speak Out (Apr 12 2013)

    The parent's of two of his alleged victims say they reported the abuse to the school months before [Davonte] Jackson was arrested. They say they're furious the school didn't immediately remove Jackson from the classroom. Neither mother wanted to be identified, but say Jackson molested their girls in November and school officials didn't believe the allegations. Jackson is now charged with molesting one of the girls and police are looking into the other case. He's also accused of molesting another girl last week.

  5. Whatever happened to this case? Can't find any info since his arrest 5 mos ago!
  6. Whatever happened to this guy? Was not mentioned again...
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    These cases often drag out for 1.5 - 3 years, sometimes even longer. And if charges are dropped for any reason, often as not not there's no news coverage and we're all left in the dark as to the outcome.