Guilty! David Montgomery, Erie, Pennsylvania (arrested March 2011)

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    The prosecution was made possible by a 2007 law that expanded the statute of limitations in child-abuse cases until the child's 50th birthday -- as long as the child turns 18 on or after Aug. 27, 1997, which was the effective date for previous legislation.
  2. Are you or have you gone forward with your kids already? This is the same guy you replied to earlier.
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    Erie TV News: Erie Teacher Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Case (Nov 25 2013)

    On Monday, 43-year-old David Montgomery plead guilty to two counts of the sexual exploitation of children and one count of child pornography possession. Prosecutors say Montgomery produced child porn with two boys over a five year span.
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    NBC Philadelphia: Teacher Accused of Fondling Fired (Nov 26 2013)

    A suspended northwestern Pennsylvania high school teacher has been fired after pleading guilty to federal charges that he produced child pornography featuring two boys he knew, and faces a recommended 32-year prison sentence, plus an upcoming trial on state charges that he molested one of the same boys for several years. Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy in Erie immediately fired 43-year-old David Montgomery after his guilty plea on Monday.
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