Daniel Walden, Donna, Texas (suspended Jan 2015) [failure to investigate]

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    Daniel Walden, 34, police sergeant for Donna ISD, Donna, Texas, allegedly "ignored report of teacher-student relationship"

    Official: Donna ISD policeman ignored report of teacher-student relationship

    A Donna school district police sergeant has been suspended amid a probe into whether he investigated complaints that a student was having a sexual relationship with the superintendent’s son-in-law — a criminal justice teacher — who was arrested this month. District officials placed Donna school district police Sgt. Daniel Walden on an unpaid suspension Thursday after administrators learned that a complaint filed against an instructor last November was never investigated, a school official unauthorized to comment on the case said. Police have launched an internal affairs investigation to determine how this complaint was handled.

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    Donna, Texas, educators & employees with issues:
    Daniel Walden, Donna ISD, Donna, Texas
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    Donna ISD Employee [business teacher & soccer coach] Cleared of Accusations

    30 Jan 2015

    The district suspended indefinitely the former DISD police chief. Daniel Walden, who had been demoted to officer, was placed on leave Wednesday. District officials did not give a reason for his suspension. Walden was interim police chief when the first allegations were brought to the district. He held the position from May to November, 2014, before being demoted to officer.


    Donna ISD sergeant reinstated after ‘illegal suspension’

    9 Feb 2015

    A school district sergeant will return to his job Tuesday after being suspended for 10 days, as district officials have yet to give an official explanation for his suspension. “I was illegally suspended, that’s a fact,” Sgt. Daniel Walden said Monday. “As of today I have not been told why.” Walden said he’s planning to file a lawsuit against the district for illegal suspension sometime next week.

    The sergeant, who has been with the district police for more than eight years, was first suspended without pay on Jan. 30 and then with pay shortly after, he said.