Daniel Torroll, Spring Hill, Tennessee (arrested Aug 2011) [sex with doll on school property]

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    Name: Daniel Torroll

    Age: 56

    School: Near Allendale Elementary School

    Position: Private music teacher

    Home page of web site from internet archive (current version of site is owned by cyber squatter)

    WSMV (11 Aug 2011): Man found with doll near school, faces sex charges

    News Channel 5 (11 Aug 2011): Police Say Man Was Naked On School Property

    ABC 24 (11 Aug 2011): Music Teacher Caught Having Sex With Doll Outside School

    WATE (11 Aug 2011): Music teacher caught having sex with doll outside school

    My Fox Memphis (12 Aug 2011): Man Cited For Lewd Acts with Doll near School

    News Channel 5 (12 Aug 2011): No Additional Charges For Man Caught In Lewd Acts

    Knox News (13 Aug 2011): Lewd Act With a Doll Brings Call for New Law

    WKM (14 Aug 2011): Lawmaker wants tougher law following music teacher arrest

    UK Daily Mail (14 Aug 2011): Music teacher caught 'in lewd sex act with child-like doll' on school grounds

    NY Daily News (15 Aug 2011): Music teacher, 56, caught performing sex act on a doll within view of an elementary school

    WKM (21 Nov 2011): Grand jury to hear case of teacher caught having sex with doll

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