Daniel McCaw, Beaufort, South Carolina (arrested Oct 2014) [domestic violence]

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    Daniel McCaw (40 Saluda Way, Port Royal, South Carolina), 36 (born 12 Nov 1977), health & physical education teacher and former (just resigned) assistant football & baseball coach at Battery Creek High School, Beaufort County School District, Beaufort, South Carolina, "charges of criminal domestic violence and third-degree assault and battery"

    Battery Creek teacher and former assistant coach arrested on domestic violence charges, suspended

    McCaw's wife told Port Royal police her husband was drunk when she came home Monday evening. She said he called her "crazy" for questioning his drinking and for not supporting him after his resignation as assistant football coach. She said he then ordered her and the couple's 16-month-old son out of the house.

    McCaw's wife said when her mother and stepfather arrived to pick her up, McCaw grabbed her arms, slammed her foot in a car door three times and shoved her mother, according to the initial police report. McCaw threw groceries from his in-laws' SUV and then charged toward his wife's stepfather, the report said. His wife stepped between them and was shoved by her husband, the report said.

    Police responded to a call from McCaw's Shadow Moss home just after 9 p.m. and found groceries strewn in the driveway as well as a smashed porcelain pumpkin, the report said. McCaw, who the report said was inside the house, cursed officers when the asked him to open the door. He told police they would need a warrant to come in, the report said.

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    Daniel McCaw, Battery Creek High School, Beaufort County School District, Beaufort, South Carolina, Port Royal
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