Damon M. Williams, New Orleans, Louisiana (arrested Oct 2008 & Dec 2014) [sexting]

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    Damon William, 32, keyboarding teacher at Sophie B. Wright Charter School, New Orleans, Louisiana, "charges of sending pornographic images to students' phones"

    Previously taught at:
    Teacher at New Orleans school arrested for sending inappropriate pictures to students

    A local school teacher has been arrested for improper sexual conduct with students. Investigators say the teacher has admitted to sending pornographic images to several students at Sophie B. Wright Charter School ... Police say 32-year old Damon Williams was booked Tuesday on charges he sent pornographic images to cell phones of several students ... School leaders called police after a mother reported the pornographic images sent to her son’s phone. Investigators later determined a total of four male students had received images from Williams.

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    Damon William, Sophie B. Wright Charter School, New Orleans, Louisiana, Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, L.E. Rabouin High School, International High School
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    New Orleans teacher arrested at school, accused of sharing pornographic images with students

    16 Dec 2014

    A teacher at Sophie B. Wright Charter School has been arrested on charges of sending pornographic images to students' phones. New Orleans police said Damon M. Williams admitted to the crimes. Williams, 32, was handcuffed outside the school Monday afternoon, witnesses said. Early Tuesday, police booked him with two counts each of indecent behavior with a juvenile and prohibited sexual conduct between an educator and student, according to court documents. School administrators called police after the parent of a student told them of the photo distribution, Principal Sharon L. Clark said.

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    Now here's the fun part: This turkey was caught doing the same thing
    six years earlier in 2008,
    and he was still teaching!

    Don't these bozos do background checks?

    It's not exactly rocket science: The story about the 2008 arrest was the #2 hit in my Google search.​


    Rabouin teacher arrested for sending student obscene picture on cell phone

    23 Oct 2008

    New Orleans police arrested a popular L.E. Rabouin High School choir teacher this week at the school after a student allegedly received an obscene cell phone photo sent from the teacher's phone, according to a police report filed in Criminal District Court. The teacher, Damon M. Williams, faces an obscenity charge, according to the police report. Williams, 26, was in the Orleans Parish jail on $20,000 bond Thursday, according to law enforcement records. A 17-year-old male student told police he "received a picture message of a penis" to his cell phone from Williams' phone, according to the police report.

    The student, who The Times-Picayune is not identifying because he is a minor, showed a detective the picture on Tuesday -- the same day Williams was arrested, according to police. Rabouin senior Stephen Howard, who knows the alleged teenage victim, said the 17-year old told an adult relative, who ultimately came to the school.