Dallas Michael Southerland, Newport, Tennessee (arrested Jan 2014)

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    Dallas Michael Southerland, Newport, Tennessee, Ben W. Hooper Vocational School, Cocke County School System, Cocke County High School
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    WBIR: Former Cocke Co. teacher charged for having sex with student (Jan 22 2014)

    According to court documents, investigators say [Dallas Michael] Southerland had sexual contact with a student between the ages of 13 and 18 years. A joint press release from the sheriff's office and Director of Schools says the incident took place at the school in February 2013.
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    Backround ...

    Newport Plain Talk: CCHS teacher suspended Tuesday (Feb 21 2013)

    A teacher [Dallas Michael Southerland] at Ben W. Hooper Vocational School was suspended from his teaching position on Tuesday pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation ... According to Casey Kelley, Human Resources Supervisor, he was made aware of the situation on Friday, February 15. "I notified [Cocke County Director of Schools] Moore," said Kelley."
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    Newport Plain Talk: Former CCHS arrested for sexual battery (Jan 23 2014)

    Cocke County Vocational School teacher, Dallas Michael Southerland, 34, of Morristown, was arrested on Tuesday, Jan. 21, and charged with sexual battery by an authority figure, after a Cocke County Grand Jury indicted him earlier this month ...
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    You can't believe all that is being printed or told in the media. There is way more to this than they are telling. There is zero proof that he had sex or sexual contact with this girl.
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    They had to have some kind of proof, or they would not have been able to arrest him.
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    Trust me, in that county, if they want to fry you, they will make up (expletive deleted). He is not guilty of having sexual contact with her. She is making that up. She tried hard to break up his marriage....and get him to have sex with her. She thought she would be able to get money from him. She spoke several times of the money she could get.