Dale Kukucka, Bloomfield, Connecticut (arrested Nov 2013)

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    Dale Kukucka (403 Hebron Rd., Andover, Connecticut), 35, science teacher at Carmen Arace Middle School, Bloomfield Public Schools, Bloomfield, Connecticut, "facing sexual assault charges"

    Previously worked at:
    WTNH: PD: Bloomfield teacher arrested for sex assault (Nov 8 2013)

    Dale Kukucka, 35, of 403 Hebron Rd., Andover, was arrested Thursday as part of a criminal investigation into an incident that happened on October 20th in East Haddam, police said. Kukucka is facing charges of criminal attempt to commit sexual assault, 3rd-degree sexual assault, 2nd-degree strangulation, unlawful restraint, and 3rd-degree assault.
    Dale Kukucka, Bloomfield, Connecticut, Carmen Arace Middle School, Bloomfield Public Schools, Andover, Park City Prep, Bridgeport
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    The Courant: Teacher Charged With East Haddam Sex Assault (Nov 8 2013)

    ... a violent sexual assault that police say took place in a women's bathroom at East Haddam's Grange Hall last month


    According to the warrant, the victim told police that on Oct. 19 she attended a fife-and-drum muster outside the Grange Hall, and that sometime before midnight, while people were gathered around a bonfire outside, she went into the hall to use the bathroom. There was no one else in the building at the time, the warrant states. As the victim was washing her hands, a man suddenly grabbed her neck with one hand and put the other over her mouth, the warrant says. She struggled against the attacker, breaking a window with her elbow, and then lost consciousness, according to the warrant. When the victim awoke, her bra had been pulled up and she had sustained injuries to her nose, forehead, neck and an upper front tooth, the warrant states.

    Two witnesses heard the struggle in the bathroom and went inside, where they found the victim, bloodied, with a man laying on top of her, the warrant says. One witness told police the man had both hands under the front of the victim's shirt. The man, later identified by police as [Dale] Kukucka, allegedly fought with one of the witnesses who attempted to take him to the ground, then left through the front door of the hall.
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    WFSB: Bloomfield teacher charged with sexual assault (Nov 8 2013)

    According to court documents, [Dale] Kukucka attacked a woman in the bathroom at the Grange Hall during the annual fife and drum muster. "All of a sudden a male grabbed her neck with his right hand and put his left hand over her mouth. The female victim struggled and moved toward the window, which she broke with her left elbow, after which she lost consciousness," court documents stated.

    Two people walked into the bathroom, stopped the assault and found the victim, who was bloodied and unconscious, according to court documents. "The female victim was weeping, with her shoulders slumped over, and she had dried red, blood-like substance over the entirety of her face including her hair," court documents stated.

    In addition, documents said, Kukucka's girlfriend was with him at the event, but left for an unknown reason. "She later came back to the Grange Hall to use the bathroom, and she was told not to go in because someone was raped. She then heard people talking about the male who raped the girl and they were saying Dale from the Essex Sailing Masters," according to court documents. Kukucka's girlfriend showed the trooper a picture of him from her Facebook page, which was later used by police to identify him.

    The victim told police she had a brief conversation with Kukucka earlier that night. "The male told the victim his name was 'Diego,'" the victim told police, according to court documents. "the male's girlfriend later spoke with the female victim, and she told the female victim that her boyfriend's name was Dale."
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    CBS Local Connecticut: Bloomfield Teacher Charged In East Haddam Sex Assault (Nov 8 2013)

    State Police Lieutenant Paul Vance says a complaint was lodged in East Haddam last month, in connection with an incident that occurred in that town October 20. [Dale] Kukucka is charged with attempted first degree sexual assault, third degree sexual assault, strangulation, unlawful restraint, and third degree assault.
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    NBC Connecticut: Bloomfield Teacher Charged With Sex Assault (Nov 8 2013)

    Police said the incident happened in East Haddam on Oct. 20 and did not involve the school. The victim said [Dale] Kukucka went into the women's bathroom during a Fife and Drum Muster event at Grange Hall and assaulted her. Two people told police they heard a struggle, went into the bathroom and saw the victim unconscious with Kukucka crouching over her, according to court documents. Kukucka was charged with third-degree sexual assault, strangulation in the second degree, first-degree unlawful restraint, first-degree criminal attempt to commit sexual assault and third-degree assault.

    Also two recent prior incidents according to NBC Connecticut:
    • Court documents said Kukucka was involved in another incident in 2012 in which he was accused of kissing an 18-year-old girl against her will and attempting to assault her.
    • Glastonbury police also arrested his earlier this year on a DUI charge. He was arrested at 8:13 p.m. on St. Patrick's and charged with DUI, following too closely and operating an unregistered vehicle.
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    CT Now: Bloomfield Officials Knew Teacher Had Prior Arrests Before Sexual Assault Charge (Nov 15 2013)

    Bloomfield school officials were notified in mid-October that a teacher hired two months earlier was facing charges of drunken driving and breach of peace in two separate incidents, but they didn't fire him until after he was arrested Nov. 7 and charged with a violent sexual assault. Dale Kukucka's breach of peace arrest in July 2012 included allegations that he had attempted to grope an 18-year-old woman against her will.


    Kukucka also reported on his application that he had been unemployed for the past year, but the state Teachers' Retirement Board, a state agency that administers the State Teachers' Retirement System, has a record of him working at Park City Prep School in Bridgeport from 2012 to 2013. Kukucka did not list the school on his application. Park City Prep Director Bruce Ravage did not immediately respond to a request for information.


    In the 2012 breach of peace case, the 18-year-old woman told police that Kukucka, who worked as a course ranger at the Banner Lodge Golf Course, led her down a trail at the course, stopped his cart at a narrow part of the trail and blocked her from driving her own cart around. The woman told police that Kukucka talked to her for a few minutes before putting his arm around the back of her seat and kissing her. The woman pushed Kukucka away and said that she needed to get back to work, and asked him repeatedly if she could leave, to which he responded, "Yeah, but not yet," according to the warrant for his arrest.

    When police contacted Kukucka, he said he had "made out" with the woman but denied groping her, according to the warrant. Kukucka told police that he brought the woman down the path for privacy and that she did not push him away or say no, but kissed him back, according to the warrant.
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    Middletown Press: Ex-teacher pleads not guilty to sex assault at muster (Mar 4 2014)

    A former Bloomfield middle school teacher has pleaded not guilty to an October sexual assault at a fife-and-drum muster. Dale Kukucka, 35, of Andover entered not-guilty pleas Tuesday in Middlesex Superior Court to four felonies and a misdemeanor stemming from an alleged assault and attempted rape at an East Haddam bonfire celebration last year.