CPS Inspector General’s Report Is A Litany Of Wrongdoing

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    CPS Inspector General’s Report Is A Litany Of Wrongdoing

    High school students at one Chicago public school were allowed to enroll in dance classes even after the dance teacher was let go for not having a license. So, the students weren’t taught anything, yet most of them got A’s.

    It’s one of the cases of wrongdoing detailed in the annual report released by Chicago Public Schools Inspector General Nicholas Schuler Thursday morning. As is typically the case, this year’s report included several findings of district staff stealing or linking contracts to bypass the competitive bidding process. Schuler also found parents lying about their addresses to give their children an advantage when it came to getting into the city’s elite schools. In the case of the phantom dance class, students are being forced to retake a class, and CPS is in the process of firing the principal. That principal is ...

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