Guilty! Courtney Marie Keller, Tumwater, Washington (arrested Apr 2013)

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    Courtney Marie Keller, 28, teacher at A. G. West Black Hills High School, Tumwater School District #33, Tumwater, Washington, "inappropriate sexual relationship with a Black Hills High student"


    Listing on school's web page via Google cache:

    In-School Suspension Courtney Keller 709-7886
    Mrs. Keller assigns detentions and Wednesday Work Days to students with unexcused absences. She assigns Wednesday Work Day to students who have do not complete their detention within the designated time frame. She assists in the supervision of BECCA students.​

    King 5: Tumwater school employee arrested for relationship with student (Apr 2 2013)

    Police arrested a Tumwater woman Tuesday for having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a Black Hills High student for nearly two years. The suspect, Courtney Keller, 28, handled student discipline at Black Hills for seven years and resigned in February. Her resignation came after Tumwater School District officials began investigating an anonymous letter it received notifying them of the relationship ... Detective Jennifer Kolb with Tumwater Police said the relationship between Keller and the student began when he was a 16-year-old sophomore. “It started through text messages,” Det. Kolb explained. “It progressed from there into sexual contact.” ... The teenager told police the relationship ended earlier this year, around the same time the anonymous letter arrived at school district offices.

    Courtney Marie Keller, Tumwater, Washington, A. G. West Black Hills High School, Tumwater School District #33, Darice Bales
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    KOMO News: Police: School employee had sexual relations with student (Apr 2 2013)

    A 28-year-old faculty member at Tumwater's Black Hills High School has been arrested for allegedly having sexual relations with a student over a two-year period. Police say Courtney Keller, a paraeducator who supervised the school's detention program, began the sexual relationship with a 16-year-old sophomore two years ago. The sexual acts occurred both on and off campus, and the two had exchanged multiple inappropriate text messages, investigators said. Keller immediately resigned in February when the allegations came to light.
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    The Olympian: Probable cause found for sexual misconduct of Black Hills educator (Apr 3 2013)

    The 18-year-old has told police that “the entire school knew about his relationship with Keller.”


    The former student told police that they began flirting, then “making out” and touching, all during his sophomore year in high school, when he was 16. Starting during his junior year, he said she began providing him “with tobacco and pain killers,” including Vicodin and Percoset.

    They also began having sex his junior year, the young man told police. He said that Keller once attended a party with him at another student’s home. He said that two students walked in on him having sex with Keller during the party. The 18-year-old also showed Tumwater detectives texts between him and Keller that are “sexual in nature,” and that referenced “a past sexual relationship.”

    The sexual relationship between the two had ended by the end of the young man’s junior year, he said, though they continued to “make out.” He said the relationship ended because Keller was falling in love, and she wanted to leave her husband and move in with him when he turned 18. The young man told police he was “really freaked” by this proposal.

    When police interviewed the 18-year-old’s mother, she said that she once became upset when Keller gave her son a ride home. She added that she thought it was odd he was spending so much time in detention without being referred there. She said she believed the relationship was inappropriate.
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    So what did the administrator do wrong her that she should be on leave? :confused:
    • The student was already talking to the police. There was nothing for her report.
    • She referred the student back to his parents, which seems to be to be the correct thing to do. It would have been a major conflict of interest for her (the abuser's aunt) to discuss the situation with the victim in her role as a school administrator.
    • She did write a memo reporting the conversation with the student.
    The Olympian: Black Hills administrator on paid leave for Tumwater district investigation (Apr 15 2013)

    The Olympian: Assistant principal on leave while district investigates (Apr 16 2013)

    A school administrator has been placed on paid leave while Tumwater School District officials launch their own investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct between a former paraeducator and a former student, district spokeswoman Kim Howard said Monday. Black Hills High School assistant principal Darice Bales was put on leave last week, Howard said. Her niece, Courtney Keller, who supervised detention at the 900-student school, is accused of having a sexual relationship with a former student beginning when he was 16.


    On that same day [Feb. 23], Bales wrote a statement about a phone conversation she had with the former student that morning. A copy of the statement was obtained by The Olympian through a public records request. In the statement, Bales said she woke up that morning with four missed calls on her cellphone from the student, and a message saying he needed to talk to her right away. When she reached him, about 6:45 a.m., Bales said he told her that he had gotten drunk the night before and that “everything came out” and that “it’s all true.” In addition, the student told Bales that the police investigation was tearing him up inside and that he didn’t want Keller to lose her job.

    “I said, (to the student) you have to stop talking to me now,” Bales said. “This has nothing to do with her being my niece — I would do the same thing in this situation with anyone. You cannot talk to me about this. You need to talk to your mother.”
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    Married teacher's aid pleads guilty to having sex with student, 16, whom she'd met in detention and plied with Vicodin

    A former teacher’s aide from Washington state pleaded guilty Monday ... Miss Keller, who is married and has a young daughter, worked at Black Hills High School in Tumwater and was arrested in April 2013 after a student disclosed a sexual relationship ...

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