Guilty! Corey Greenwood, Indianapolis, Indiana (arrested Apr 2012)

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    Corey Greenwood, 41, vice-principal at George Washington Community High School, Indianapolis Public Schools, Indianapolis, Indiana, "charged with four counts of child seduction"

    WSBT: IPS vice principal arrested, charged with child seduction (Apr 13 2012)

    According to the initial case report, [Corey] Greenwood, 41, is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old female student. IPS police were told the alleged crime did not take place on school grounds, but at the Indianapolis home of Greenwood ... A police report on the incident stated a 16-year-old student called police on April 6, reporting her best friend, another 16-year-old student, was having sexual relations with Greenwood. The student said they had text messages to prove the relationship.

    Corey Greenwood, Indianapolis, Indiana, George Washington Community High School, Indianapolis Public Schools, Melissa L. Jones
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    WISH TV: Court docs: IPS administrator seduced student in his office (Apr 18 2012)

    According to the probable cause affidavit, the friend told police Greenwood and the 16-year-old girl had exchanged graphic nude photos via cell phone – leading to the charge of dissemination of matter harmful to a minor. The girl told police she and Greenwood had had sexual contact five times between March 24 and April 9. All but one of those incidents had occurred at the home of a fellow teacher for whom Greenwood was house-sitting during Spring Break, according to court documents. The other incident occurred in Greenwood’s office at the school.
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    WISH TV: Prosecutors: Teacher tried to cover up school sex case (May 10 2012)
    Now, prosecutors say during the investigation Melissa L. Jones, a teacher at the school, called the alleged victim and told her to delete text messages or [Corey] Greenwood would get fired or lose custody of his son. Jones has been suspended since April 13, an IPS spokesperson said, pending the investigation. The teen girl involved in the case told police about conversations she had with Jones, and said at Jones’ urging she did delete messages from her phone from Greenwood. Police were able to obtain cell phone data from Greenwood’s cell phone provider. Jones is now facing a charge of obstruction of justice, a Class D Felony.
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    WISH TV: IPS teacher pleads guilty in sex case (Apr 25 2013)

    A former Indianapolis Public Schools administrator pleaded guilty last week to one count of child seduction and one count of obstruction of justice ... Corey Greenwood, 41, of Greenwood, will be sentenced at 8:30 a.m. May 3. He has been placed on home detention and GPS monitoring.

    WLFI: IPS teacher pleads guilty in sex case (Apr 25 2013)