Charles C. "Clay" Dawson, Wanette, Oklahoma (arrested Apr 2015) [sexting]

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    Charles C. "Clay" Dawson, 43, 6th - 11th grade math teacher and boys' & girls' basketball coach at Wanette Junior High School & Wanette High School, Wanette Public Schools, Wanette, Oklahoma, "complaints involving communications and text messages with a student"

    Investigation leads to teacher’s arrest, resignation

    Pottawatomie County Sheriff Mike Booth said his office launched an investigation when a 16-year-old student reported incidents involving text messages with her teacher. According to the paperwork, the student told deputies that through instant text messages on a social media application called KIK, Dawson, her teacher, asked her to send him nude pictures of herself. The affidavit shows the teen used a cell phone provided by Dawson to take pictures of herself while at her home. The teen, who indicated Dawson made the request twice, told authorities she sent two nude pictures because she was afraid the teacher would fail her in class if she didn’t.

    As part of the ongoing investigation into those allegations, deputies interviewed Dawson Wednesday at the school in Wanette. The warrant shows Dawson allegedly admitted that he asked the teen for the nude pictures and that he looked at them on his phone before deleting them.

    The document also shows he allegedly received three nude photos from another 15-year-old student that he looked at but didn’t request. Dawson told investigators that he had been messaging both students on his personal cell phone through the KIK app, the paperwork shows.

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    Charles C. "Clay" Dawson, Wanette High School, Wanette Public Schools, Wanette, Oklahoma, Wanette Junior High School
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