Chad Morris, Mabton, Washington (arrested April 2012) [theft]

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    Chad Morris, language arts teacher at Mabton Junior / Senior High School [Mabton School District], Mabton, Washington, theft

    KIMA TV: Mabton High School teacher arrested during school hours (Apr 27 2012)

    Mabton police say Chad Morris was arrested Thursday during an investigation of theft and later admitted to stealing from another school employee. Police say the department received a tip last week that Morris stole an undisclosed amount of money from another employee at the high school. Mabton police arrested Morris during school hours Thursday and questioned him about the theft. Investigators say once Morris was in custody, he took full responsibility and admitted to stealing the money.

    Chad Morris, Mabton, Washington, Mabton Junior / Senior High School, Mabton School District
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    Daily Sun News: Mabton teacher charged, suspended on alleged theft (Apr 27 2012)

    Mabton police officers arrested a Mabton Junior/Senior High School teacher yesterday morning (Thursday) for allegedly stealing from a school employee. The teacher, Chad Morris, was taken into custody on a theft charge. Officers say the report leading to an arrest came in on a tip from Vice Principal Sue Sartain, who reported the theft of a "few hundred bucks from her office," according to Mabton Police Chief Rick Gutierrez.
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