Brian Musty, Bradford, Vermont (arrested Nov 2012)

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    Brian Musty (Topsham, Vermont), teacher & coach (girls’ basketball, lacrosse, soccer) at Oxbow Union High School, Oxbow Union High School District #30, Bradford, Vermont, "arrested on allegations he sexually abused a former student more than a decade ago"

    Brian H Musty
    19 Powder Spring Rd
    Topsham, VT 05076​

    (802) 439-6593​

    Burlington Free Press: Bradford coach accused of sexually abusing student: Bradford man arrested on charge of sexually assaulting 15-year-old in late 1990s (Nov 7 2012)

    A longtime teacher and coach at Oxbow Union High School in Bradford has been arrested on allegations he sexually abused a former student more than a decade ago. Brian Musty, now 43, of Topsham was arrested at the school early Monday by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Bill Bohnyak said ... Bohnyak said Musty abused a 15-year-old student over the course of three years, beginning in 1997.

    Brian Musty, Bradford, Vermont, Oxbow Union High School, Oxbow Union High School District #30, Topsham
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    Fox 44 / ABC 22: Longtime Vermont Coach Charged With Sex Assault (Nov 7 2012)

    Brian Musty, 43, of Topsham, pleaded not guilty to the charge Wednesday morning at Vermont Superior Court in Chelseak ... Simon says Musty broke that trust 15-years-ago. That's because [Lt. Tracy] Simon says for years Musty sexually assaulted a student starting when she was 15-years old:

    "This wasn't just once or twice right?" asked FOX44/ABC22.

    "No this was repeated," says Simon.

    Simon says the victim just came forward now which can be common in these cases.

    In court documents, police say the victim recently called Musty who told her, "I've always cared for you and always will," but the 43-year-old said if word of what happened got out, "that's gonna ruin me...obviously...will be the end of my job."
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    WCAX: Oxbow coach charged with sexual abuse of former student (Nov 7 2012)

    Investigators say 43-year-old Brian Musty - coach of girls varsity soccer, basketball, and lacrosse teams - had an on-going sexual relationship with a student between the years of 1997 and 2000 ... Musty is accused of manipulating a 15-year-old student into a sexual relationship, beginning in 1997 and ending three years later when she left for college.
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    WPTZ: High school teacher, coach accused of sexual assault: Alleged abuse occurred decade ago (Nov 7 2012)

    Brian Musty, 43, of Topsham, Vt., was arrested at the school Monday ... The abuse started when she was 15 years old, after Musty approached her parents about counseling the teenager, the victim told investigators. The alleged sexual assaults happened at Musty’s home, in his car and at the high school, the victim said. The victim, who now lives out of state, contacted authorities after speaking with a counselor back home.
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    Vermont Public Radio: Oxbow Teacher Charged With Sexually Assaulting Student (Nov 8 2012)

    A teacher and coach at Oxbow Union High School in Bradford has been charged with sexually abusing a former student more than a decade ago. Forty-three-year-old Brian Musty pleaded not guilty yesterday morning to a charge of sexual assault on a minor ... Musty is accused of abusing a 15-year-old student over three years, starting in 1997.
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    Burlington Free Press: Coach charged with sex assault placed on leave (Nov 9 2012)

    The Oxbow Union High School coach charged earlier this week with sexually assaulting a student more than a decade ago has been placed on paid administrative leave. Brian Musty, 43, of Topsham has denied the allegations.
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    Vermont Today: Coach who faces sex charge is on paid leave (Nov 9 2012)

    In published reports, Oxbow Principal Larry Walsh confirmed Brian Musty’s leave, which began “immediately” after his arrest at the school Monday morning.
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    WPTZ: Parents seek answers in alleged school sex assault: Brian Musty, 43, charged in case (Nov 15 2012)

    Parents whose children attend Oxbow High School are asking a lot of questions regarding the investigation and arrest of teacher and coach Brian Musty, 43. Musty was taken into custody at the school Monday, Nov. 5. Parents said they were not told about what happened until that Wednesday. At a public forum Tuesday, parents asked school officials why there was a delay in notification. “I was blindsided by a text from my daughter saying 'will you come get me,’” said Maureen Boardman. “Why somewhere between Monday and Wednesday you felt like you had to let the student body know? Why weren't the parents notified?” ...
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    WCAX: Parents, administrators meet after coach charged with sexually assaulting student (Nov 15 2012)

    A popular coach [Brian Musty] accused of sexually assaulting a student more than a decade ago had parents speaking out Wednesday night. They packed Oxbow Union High School demanding answers from school officials ... Parents say they can't understand why the school didn't inform them, instead allowing the news to be relayed by students ...
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    Valley News: Oxbow High Teacher Is Terminated (Feb 26 2013)

    Oxbow High School gym teacher Brian Musty, who faces charges of sexually assaulting a former student, has been fired, Orange East Supervisory Union Superintendent Don Johnson said, after school officials completed an internal investigation into his time at the school. In an interview yesterday, Johnson said that he recommended terminating Musty’s employment and the School Board approved it at a meeting earlier this month. Musty had been on paid leave after he was arrested in November on a charge stemming from an alleged incident that occurred in the late 1990s.
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    Unless there's another recent arrest we haven't covered here, two reports, dated May 20 2013, seem inconsistent with the articles cited above.

    Valley News: Oxbow Coach Charged With Sex Assault of One-Time Student (May 2013)

    “This investigation to date has revealed a scheme by Brian Musty whereby in his capacity as a high school teacher and sports coach in soccer, softball and basketball, he possessed the innate ability to gain the confidence of high school female athletes through conversations, providing study hall passes that allowed them to ‘hang out’ in his office and away from any monitoring, which provided for conversations in confidence with certain female students regarding private and/or troubling matters,” Jocelyn Stohl, a detective with the Orange County Special Investigations Unit, wrote. The woman, now 30, told police that she had initially told Musty about the trouble she was having at home. When she was 15, she left her parents’ home with their permission and moved in with Musty and his wife. he told authorities she engaged in more than 100 sex acts with Musty, beginning in 1997 when she was 15 and continuing until her freshman year of college ...

    Valley News: Oxbow hosts forum on teacher sex crime arrest (May 20 2013)

    Oxbow Union High School officials are hosting a public forum tomorrow night to discuss the recent arrest of a gym teacher on a charge of sexually assaulting a former student. The gathering comes a week after gym teacher and coach Brian H. Musty, 43, was arrested inside the school and charged with repeatedly sexually assaulting a former player between 1997 and 1998. Investigators alleged that the incidents occurred both at Musty’s home, where the female student lived for a time, and inside the high school.