Brian Knowles, Radford, Coventry, England, United Kingdom (sentenced Oct 2012) [child abduction]

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    Brian Knowles (Beechmore Road, Sheldon, Birmingham), 58, former deputy head teacher & physical education at Barr's Hill School & Community College [Coventry City Council Schools and Colleges], Radford, Coventry, England, United Kingdom, child abudction

    MSN: Man who abducted girl avoids prison (Oct 29 2012)

    A former deputy headteacher has been spared jail after admitting abducting a 15-year-old and taking her out for meals. Married Brian Knowles, 58, pleaded guilty to four charges of child abduction after he sent the teenager inappropriate text messages, took her shopping and ate with her at McDonald's fast food restaurants. Warwick Crown Court, sitting at Leamington Spa, heard that Knowles was deputy head at Barr's Hill School in Radford, Coventry. Sentencing him to nine months in prison, suspended for two years, Judge Marten Coates told Knowles he was satisfied he did not pose an adequate enough threat to children in the future to impose an immediate custodial sentence.

    UK Independent: Ex-teacher Brian Knowles avoids prison over abduction of 15-year-old girl (Oct 29 2012)

    Harinderpal Dhami, prosecuting, told the court the relationship between [Brian] Knowles and the teenager grew closer when Knowles sent her a text message near Christmas break last year. They were in touch on a daily basis before meeting up four times in person on dates in December last year and January this year, he said. Mr Dhami told the court: "He had said if he was 40 years younger he would not let her say no, and she said did he not realise he could lose everything? "He said she was worth it."

    Belfast Telegraph: Man who abducted girl avoids prison (Oct 29 2012)

    Their relationship was not sexual and there were no instances of violence or touching, the court heard. Judge Coates did not impose a sexual offences prevention order as part of sentence but put in place a 12 month supervision order. [Brian] Knowles was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of £1,800.


    Brian Knowles, Radford, Coventry, England, United Kingdom, Barr's Hill School & Community College, Coventry City Council Schools and Colleges, Beechmore Road, Sheldon, Birmingham
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    Coventry Telegraph: Judge says teacher has suffered enough over 'infatuation' with teenager pupil (Oct 30 2012)

    Brian Knowles, aged 58, who taught at Barr’s Hill School in Radford, treated the 15-year-old to burgers and took her shopping without her parents’ consent. The pair also swapped dozens of texts, including one where he said ‘You look gorgeous’ and another which read ‘I love you’, and he always ended each message with an ‘x’ for a kiss. On one occasion, married Knowles told the girl he wished he was 40 years younger, but he never touched her sexually or harmed her, and always dropped her off near her home afterwards.

    Birmingham Post: Deputy head Brian Knowles spared jail for abduction (Oct 30 2012)

    The case came to light after the girl’s mum overheard her talking to a friend. nowles, a teacher for 39 years and the school’s staff lead on child protection issues, was suspended and later resigned. Heidi Kubik, defending, said: "He is so ashamed and embarrassed by the foolish actions of those few weeks that he cannot face former friends and colleagues. "His wife remains supportive of him."

    But the dad of the 15-year-old girl last night labelled his sentence a "joke". He said: "My daughter’s lost friends and she was predicted to get good grades at school but it’s all fallen to bits. "She comes from a loving family and it’s pretty much torn it apart." "I just think these judges are so out of touch.’’

    Standard Media: Teacher jailed for 'taking teen out for lunch' (Oct 30 2012)

    A former deputy headteacher has been given a suspended jail sentence after he admitted abducting a 15-year-old pupil and taking her out for meals. Brian Knowles, 58, of Beechmore Road, Sheldon, Birmingham, pleaded guilty to four charges of child abduction.
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    Coventry Observer: Teacher's suspended sentence after relationship with pupil, 15 (Oct 29 2012)

    THE former deputy head teacher of Barr's Hill School has been sentenced to nine months in prison, suspended for two years, after admitting an improper relationship with a pupil. Brian Knowles - described as a highly experienced and respected teacher - was arrested after his relationship with the 15-year-old girl was reported by her friend to another teacher. The 57-year-old took the girl out, bought her gifts and exchanged hundreds of 'affectionate and intimate' text messages, Warwick Crown Court heard.

    The court also heard Knowles, who pleaded guilty to four counts of child abduction, was in charge of child protection at the school at the time he struck up the relationship.