Brad Guyton Mims, Okeechobee, Florida (arrested Feb 2014)

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    Brad Guyton Mims (811 SE 9TH Street, Okeechobee, Florida) ,47 , guidance counselor at Okeechobee Freshman's Campus, Okeechobe County School District, Okeechobee, Florida, "three charges of using a computer to solicit and lure children, and three count of transmitting information harmful to children ... also ... charged with possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia"

    Southwest Florida Online: Teacher Arrested On Sexting Charges With 15-Year Old Student: Teacher Facebook Sexting Over Three Days Leads To Arrest (Feb 10 2014)

    Detective Rosemary Farless says on February 5 school resource officer Deputy Sheriff Murrish said a 15 year old 9th grader female reported she was feeling uncomfortable around Mims, a school guidance counselor at Okeechobee Freshman's Campus. She informed D/S Murrish she was getting "looks from Guidance Counselor Brad Mims that were making her feel very uncomfortable" according to the arrest report. Mims would "look her up and down, directly in her eyes then down to her breasts." He also allegedly sent an unsolicited text message to the student on her cell phone on February 4. Detective Farless got permission from the girl's father to use her cell phone and communicate with Mims through her Facebook page.
    On another later time the detective contacted Mims and the chat turned to that of a sexual nature and Mims instructed her to go to a Facebook page in the name of Dave Render. The detective said during the conversation in which Mims thought he was texting the 15-year old girl, Mims asked approximately 15 times for me to show breasts. Mims told her his penis size was 10" and he sent to the cell phone two pictures of two different penises. He mentioned over and over about "this messing up his life and ruining him if she told anyone."

    Brad Guyton Mims, Okeechobee, Florida, Okeechobee Freshman's Campus, Okeechobe County School District
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    Okeechobee County Sheriff's Department: Luring or enticing a minor [Press Release] (undated)

    Brad Guyton Mims, age 47​
    811 SE 9 Street​
    Okeechobee, FL​
    Released-$135,500.00 bond​
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    WPTV: Brad Guyton Mims: Okeechobee Freshman Campus school guidance counselor arrested (Feb 10 2014)

    The investigation began on February 5th when a school resource officer at Okeechobee Freshman Campus was approached by a 15-year-old student who said that she had been getting looks from her guidance counselor that were making her very uncomfortable. According to the arrest report, the student told officers that counselor Brad Guyton Mims would "look her up and down, directly into her eyes and then stare at her breasts."


    The investigation was then turned over to the Okeechobee County Sheriff's Office at that point. An investigator with the sheriff's office contacted the student's father and asked if they could use the student's cell phone to pose at the student to talk with Mims. The father agreed.


    Deputies responded to Mims' residence where they said they located a mirror and cocaine, 17 crack cocaine pipes, 10 pictures of unidentified female minors, a camcorder, four sex toys, three pistols and an SD card. During the investigation at Mims' residence, they say he provided the name of a second student that he had been in contact with.
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    CBS 12 WPEC: Okeechobee school guidance counselor tried to lure teens into sex, police say (Feb 10 2014)

    The 15-year-old girl told a school resource officer that Mims had messaged her via Facebook on Tuesday and had been staring at her breasts at school, making her uncomfortable. An investigator posed as the girl on Wednesday and Thursday, exchanging messages with Mims. In an arrest report, investigators say he sent photos of a penis and discussed sex in the messages, asking repeatedly that their exchanges be deleted from her phone to avoid detection.

    Investigators went to Mims's home Thursday and asked him to come to the sheriff's office, where they asked if he'd sent the explicit images and he admitted he did, according to the report. They got his permission to search his home and found crack cocaine on a mirror. Mims told them he smokes crack after school, according to the report. Police obtained a search warrant and resumed the search. They found 5 grams of crack cocaine, 17 crack pipes, a computer, 10 pictures of young unidentified girls, a bong, a camcorder, three pistols and sexual aids. Mims later told investigators that he exchanged sexual messages with another girl and she sent a topless nude photo to him. The investigation into that case is ongoing.
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    WPBF: Brad Mims accused of sending penis pictures to girl's Facebook account: Okeechobee Freshman Campus guidance counselor arrested (Feb 10 2014)

    According to the arrest report, a 15-year-old student at the Okeechobee Freshman Campus told the school resource deputy that Mims sent her unsolicited text messages last Tuesday night and has been giving her looks that make her feel very uncomfortable. A detective posing as the girl sent Mims a Facebook message, and they engaged in a series of conversations during which time Mims cautioned her to keep the conversation private, the arrest report stated.
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    Contensts of text message (courtesy Southwest Florida Online):

    M-Smiley face sticking out its tongue
    R-Smiley face with open mouth sticking out tongue
    M-Kissy face
    M-Not much. and u? ?
    R-sittín on the porch
    M-I see.Alone I hope. .lol
    R-yeah dads grocery shopping
    M-I see..Not that we are doing anything wrong just rather it b between us. .i can
    trust u right. .
    R-Yep I told u that
    M-I Hope So. .I do trust u.U understand though. .lol
    R-Yep I do
    M-Good.And always erase when we are done.. :) .
    R-I always do. My phone has a password to
    M-Good. hope u don't think I am a
    R-Y wld I think that an nope
    M-I don't know.Just u probàbly were surprised last
    R-Ve-ry. Shocked
    M-But a good thing I hope lol
    R-I think so an u?
    M-Yeah I
    R-U erase urs so ur girlfriend wont see
    M-I will.U just bettèr u could get me in
    R- U Could gèt me in tròùble w my dad. I wont get u in trouble
    M-I hope not. .I am trusting u. .So does ur dad look at ur phone
    R-No its got a password. But ill delete_it to b sure
    M- U promise and tell no one.Please. .And I will always let u message me so I know ur alone
    R-Promise an deal
    M-Good.So we have it set; then.Soooo
    M-So u always say hi.I think u like
    R-Hahaha yep I think u like me to
    M-IS that
    R-Not to me
    M-Not weird. lol.
    R- not that either
    M-Dang girl.Ur
    R-Wen I want to b lol
    M-Lol . . hmmm. lol
    R-See it took to long to answer me my dad is pullin in gotta go. Txt later
    M-OK erase​