Arrested Teachers in the News 16-18 Jan 2012 (Monday - Wednesday)

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    David Ettlinger, 34, Newton, Massachusetts, 2nd grade teacher, creating child porn
    Alexander Roy, 32, of Port St. Lucie, Florida, 8th grade teacher, child sex sting
    Stephen Royer, substitute gym teacher, Frankfort, Kentucky, battery on a child
    Serena Jones, 42, a teacher at Driftwood Middle School in Hollywood, could be fired for allowing husband to beat daughter
    Jesse James Alred, Milby High School, Houston, Texas, send lewd messages, harassment
    Jennifer Paul, Jacksonville, Arckansas, A Jacksonville High School English teacher was arrested and suspended with pay after police say one of her students stole a handgun from her purse.
    Update: Stephanie Deffner
    Update: James Pinckhard