Arrested Teachers in the News 15-16 September (Saturday-Sunday)

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    Sex abuse, male perps:

    Aaron Daniel Siegrist, 4th-grade teacher at Occohannock Elementary School, Exmore, Virginia, "single charge of sexual abuse of a child younger than 13"
    Non-sex stuff:

    Theodore N. Rubin, teacher of advanced earth and space sciences and integrated language arts, North High School, Akron, Ohio, "arrested after a traffic stop during which, police say, he was drunk and armed with a loaded gun"
    Anthony Javon Walker, teacher at Oak Park Middle School, Leesburg, Florida, "suspended after being accused of choking his wife to near unconsciousness"

    Update: Erica DePalo, West Orange, New Jersey, pleads not guilty
    Update: Bambi M. Dewey & John E. Stalmach, Henderson, Nevada