Arrested Teachers in the News 14 March (Wednesday)

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    Sex abuse, female perps:

    Sex abuse, male perps:

    Frank Ocasio, Department of Education Community Associate at Cobble Hill High School at 347 Baltic Street, Brooklyn, New York, allegedly fondling an 18-year-old female student
    Earnest Aiken, Little League coach for 18 years in Astoria, Oregon, allegedly touched teenage girl on clothed buttocks and vagina
    Other sex stuff:

    Dale Chisena, Sr., retired teacher from Orange County (Florida), arrested in Lexington, Kentucky, child sex sting, previously arrested for child porn in Florida
    Non-sex stuff:

    Tony Aunspach, teacher at Walnut Creek Campus (school for troubled teens), West Des Moines, Iowa, DUI
    Blair O'Hollearn, 2nd grade teacher at Darmouth Elementary School, Aurora, Colorado, misdemeanor child abuse, grabbed/pulled girl by the hair
    Susan Worthington, 6th-grade language arts teacher at Mauldin Middle School, Mauldin, South Carolina, arrested for hitting student in the face
    Study abroad:

    Alan English, teacher at King Edward VI Five Ways School, Bartley Green, UK, secretly filmed women and children at various places, in a toilet at Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens

    Update: Miramonte Elementary School
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