Arrested Teachers in the News 13 September (Thursday)

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    Oklahoma City police say they arrested a man accused of child molestation after a little girl drew a pictures of a man's private parts at school. After seeing the picture the teacher of the 7yo child called the students mother. The mother talked to the child, and the girl said she had been molested by 25yo James Percifield. Police discovered a 4-year-old girl also may have been molested by Percifield. James Percifield was arrested and booked into Oklahoma County jail on complaints of lewd acts with a child and indecent exposure.
    Sex abuse, female perps:

    Jean Kleckner, substitute teacher and field hockey coach for the Muhlenberg School District, Reading, Pennsylvania, "arrested on charges she had an inappropriate relationship with a young girl"
    Sex abuse, male perps:

    Michael Digino, English and language arts teacher at Merryhill Preparatory School, Sacramento, California, "arrested on Thursday following allegations of having an inappropriate relationship with a now former student"
    Lawrence T. Laguana, teacher at Jose Rios Middle School, Piti, Guam, "accused of 'inappropriate behavior' involving a female student in 2007 and stalking a woman in 2009" (formerly taught at George Washington High School)
    Back in the classroom ...​
    A Jose Rios Middle School teacher who was pulled off campus after he was arrested last week has been allowed to return to classrooms despite looming criminal allegations. Lawrence T. Laguana was arrested because police were following up on cases that were nearing their statute of limitations, according to police. Laguana was accused of "inappropriate behavior" involving a female student in 2007 and stalking a woman in 2009 ... That was because DOE investigated the "inappropriate behavior" allegations back in 2007, and the teacher was punished by the school years ago, Malay said. Police may have taken years to arrest Laguana, but DOE dealt with the case shortly after the allegations arose. Given that these allegations were already dealt with in 2007, we couldn't take any further action," Malay said. "We weren't aware of that when he was apprehended, so that's why we pulled him, ... but part of the investigation includes an internal background check." alay said Laguana was served an adverse action by DOE in 2007 but he couldn't reveal what that action was. It is clear that Laguana was allowed to keep his job, but other possible options included reprimand, suspension or demotion, according to Pacific Daily News files. The "inappropriate behavior" allegations arose before Laguana was at Jose Rios Middle School. The teacher previously worked at George Washington High School.

    Non-sex stuff:

    Shanna Sigmon-Moore, English teacher at North Gaston High School, Dallas, North Carolina, "suspended Thursday, accused of posting her students' work on Facebook ... The alleged posts were not visible to the public, only to Sigmon-Moore's customized group of friends"
    Study abroad:

    Bradley Ryerson, certified teacher and Lead Caretaker with the York Region District School Board, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, "arrested on child pornography charges:

    Update: Timothy Brehmer, Ballston Spa, New York, sentenced to 5 years in prison