Arrested Teachers in the News 1 October (Monday)

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    Tamara Mills, teacher at Kit Carson Elementary School [Madison County School District], Richmond, Kentucky, "arrested Friday evening on theft and assault charges after an incident at the home of her estranged husband"
    Gregory Richardson, health and physical education teacher at Deerfield Beach High School [Broward County Public Schools], Deerfield Beach, Florida, "charged with aggravated assault in a domestic violence incident with his wife"

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    Guy Michael Anderson, Humble, Texas, James Izumizaki, Albany, California, Tamara Mills, Kit Carson Elementary School, Madison County School District, Richmond, Kentucky, Gregory Richardson, Deerfield Beach High School, Broward County Public Schools, Deerfield Beach, Florida, James Jules Pepe, Valrico, Vickie Sanchez Bruce, Azle, David Reyna, Monroe, Louisiana, Jeremy Forrest, East Sussex, United Kingdom, Megan Stammers