Guilty! Amie Lou Neely, Port St. Lucie, Florida (arrested Nov 2012)

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    The Inquisitr: Florida Teacher Allegedly Caught Having Sex With Foreign Exchange Student (Nov 17 2012)

    Community Christian Academy teacher Aime Neely, 38, was allegedly caught without her pants in a compromising position with a foreign exchange student. Neely blamed the lapse in judgment on midlife crisis issues, according to the New York Daily News.

    Neely was arrested on November 10 on a felony charge of engaging in unlawful sex with a minor, WPTV reports. Police officers took her into custody on Sunday after her husband tracked down her whereabouts via the GPS feature on her cell phone. The Florida teacher was reportedly found having sex with a foreign exchange student in a nearby parking lot. The student claimed he had been kicked out of his host home because he had had sex with his teacher.According to the student’s claims he and Aime Neely had sex several times during what he termed an affair.

    The Florida teacher and the foreign exchange student reportedly exchanged multiple text messages with sexual connotations before stripping off their clothes. The pair allegedly had sex in the teacher’s bedroom when her husband was not home.
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    Memphis Rap: Teacher Arrested, Caught By Husband Having Sex With 16 Yr Old Student In Parking Lot (Nov 18 2012)

    Yet, another woman has gotten wrapped up in a teacher sex scandal as teacher Amie Neely was caught by her husband having sex with a 16 year old student in a parking lot. Amie Neely’s husband became suspicious of her and decided to use the GPS through her cellphone to track her whereabouts. You know like with one of those included cellphone features like that Family Locator service. What did her husband find? Neely’s husband found her romping in the back seat of a car with a 16 year-old exchange student that they had taken in near a local high school in Port St. Lucie, Fla. Obviously the husband was upset with the both of them, but decided to kick the teen out of their home. The teen, who allegedly stayed with them and had no where to go, opted to go to neighbors and told them he had got kicked out because he had sex with Amie Neely. The neighbors decided to report the incident and the police took everything from there.
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