Amanda Gail Sotelo, San Antonio, Texas (arrested Nov 2012)

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    Amanda Gail Sotelo (Von Ormy, Texas), 35, substitute teacher for Southwest ISD, San Antonio, Texas, "charges of indecency with a child for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy"

    KENS 5: SAPD: Woman says 14-year-old boy is father of her unborn child (Nov 2 2012)

    Amanda Sotelo allegedly met the boy when her 14-year-old daughter brought him over to their house in March, according to a San Antonio police arrest warrant. Investigators said the woman claimed the boy would come over whenever he was angry because he had anger issues. The two would apparently confide in each other about their problems. The relationship eventually became physical. Police said the two had sex at least once a week for a period of three months.

    Amanda Gail Sotelo, San Antonio, Texas, Von Ormy, Southwest ISD
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    KSAT: Amanda Sotelo, 35, allegedly pregnant by 14-year-old boy: Child indecency suspect Amanda Sotelo worked as substitute teacher for Southwest ISD (Nov 2 2012)

    Anne Marie Espinoza confirmed that Sotelo had worked as a substitute in several of the district’s schools, and possibly, substituted at least once in the boy’s classroom. However, Espinoza said after the boy’s mother brought the allegations to the district’s attention Wednesday, Sotelo was fired.

    Bexar County sheriff’s investigators said they also learned of the claims from the boy’s mother. An arrest warrant affidavit stated that detectives then questioned Sotelo, who admitted to having an affair with the boy for several months. The affidavit stated that Sotelo told them she and the teen would meet in her home, at first, to discuss their problems. The relationship, she said, turned sexual in July, with them having sex about once a week, the affidavit stated.

    ... said Johnny Lopez, Sotelo’s son-in-law, outside her mobile home near Interstate 35 and Loop 1604 South. Lopez said Sotelo’s husband is “out of town," and that he and his wife — Sotelo’s daughter — have been left to take care of other children in the home. They’re also dealing with the emotional fall-out from the arrest. "She's tore up, you know?” Lopez said about his wife. “There’s no way around it.”
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    Fox San Antonio: Substitute Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Student (Nov 2 2012)

    Amanda Sotelo is charged with indecency with a child ... She also say she's pregnant, and believes the boy is the father. Southwest I.S.D. fired Sotelo from her substitute teaching job yesterday.
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    An affidavit from the magistrates office alleges 35-year-old Amanda Gail Sotelo admitted to having sex with a 14-year-old boy. Sotelo says it started in March or April and continued until last month. The affidavit also says Sotelo found out she was pregnant and claims to love the boy.
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    UK Daily Mail: Married substitute teacher, 36, jailed after admitting she was pregnant by her former student, 14 (Nov 4 2012)

    She met her teen lover through her daughter, 14, who brought him home. otelo was arrested after the boy's mother went to police in Bexar County, Texas, to reveal details of the affair. he teen is said to have admitted he had sex at least once a week with [Amanda] Sotelo who worked as a substitute teacher at several schools in Bexar County.


    Sotelo said she learned she was pregnant during a visit to a hospital emergency room in early September. "She's in jail but that's about the only thing we've heard. We've got a lot of family problems going on right now," said Johnny Lopez, Sotelo’s son-in-law.
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    Hispanically Speaking News: LATINO BLOTTER: Substitute Teacher Who Slept with 14-Year-Old Boy is Pregnant (Nov 6 2012)

    A substitute teacher in Texas was arrested after a boy’s mother discovered said teacher was sleeping with her son. Authorities in Texas’ Bexar County say 35-year-old substitute teacher Amanda Sotelo slept with a 14-year-old student and may be carrying his child. Sotelo was arrested on November 1, after the underage boy’s mother learned about the sexual encounters on October 31st.. The married teacher was charged with indecency with a child and fired by the Southwest Independent School District that day.