Alexander Salazar-Olivares, Aloha, Oregon (arrested Feb 2011)

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    Beaverton, Oregon, educators with issues:​
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    Name: Alexander Salazar-Olivares, Aloha, Oregon

    Age: 20

    School: Aloha High School, Aloha, Oregon

    Position: Instructional aide working with special needs students

    Victim: Girl, age not specified

    Oregonian (3 Mar 2011): Former instructional assistant at Aloha High School accused of having sexual contact with student at school

    KATU (3 Mar 2011): Teacher’s aide arrested for sexual contact with student

    KOIN Local 6 (3 Mar 2011): Aloha aide charged with sex abuse at high school

    KGW (3 Mar 2011): Aloha High aide arrested for sex abuse

    Beaverton Valley Times (3 Mar 2011): Deputies arrest former teacher’s aide accused of abusing Aloha student

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    NWCN (4 Mar 2011): Aloha High aide arrested for sex abuse

    Oregonian (7 Mar 2011): Aloha teacher's aide faces sex abuse charge

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    KPTV (11 Jan 2012): Former teacher's aide takes deal in sex abuse case

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    Google News Alert (18 Feb 2012):
    16 into Alexander Salazar-Olivares, 21, after a female student at Aloha High School reported he had unwanted sexual contact with her. Detectives found that Salazar-Olivares initiated the sexual contact with the victim in his office during school hours, ...