Adriana Wright, Wakefield, Rhode Island (arrested Dec 2012) [DUI, hit and run]

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    Adriana Wright (242 Cossaduck Hill Rd., Stonington, Connecticut), 42, teacher at The Prout School [Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence], Wakefield, Rhode Island, "allegedly hit a 16-year-old boy with her vehicle and fled the scene"


    Adriana Wright
    242 Cossaduck Hill Rd.
    North Stonington, CT 06359
    (860) 535-1733​

    ABC 6: Teacher accused of hit-and-run of 16-year-old boy (Jan 3 2013)

    A teacher at the Prout School in Wakefield has been arrested and faces charges after she allegedly hit a 16-year-old boy with her vehicle and fled the scene on Dec. 27 in Charlestown ... The 16-year-old victim was allegedly struck by [Adriana] Wright's vehicle shortly after 9 p.m. He was hospitalized to treat a concussion and numerous abrasions and he was later released.

    Adriana Wright, Wakefield, Rhode Island, The Prout School, Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence, Stonington, Connecticut
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    Turn to 10: Woman pleads not guilty in hit-and-run (Jan 3 2013)

    Charlestown police said Wright struck the son of a police officer as he was walking on the shoulder of Route 2 on Dec. 27. "He was hit so hard that he was actually knocked right out of his shoes. His shoes were left on the side of Route 2," Charlestown police Lt. Pat McMahon said. "For the first at least 12 or so hours, from what we understand, is that he had no recollection of the accident, which is indicative of a closed head injury." State police said they arrested Wright, 42, a short time later and charged her with drunken driving after receiving calls that she was driving erratically.
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    Turn to 10: Teacher charged in hit-and-run crash (Jan 3 2013)

    Police said the boy who survived the crash is lucky he wasn't killed. "He suffered facial injuries, abrasions and contusions around his body. And he was transported to South County Hospital," said Pat McMahon of the Charlestown Police Department. The boy's father is a police officer in South Kingstown. "They stopped the vehicle for suspicion of DWI and there was some damage to the vehicle that was fresh and consistent with the description of the impact that we had on the incident on Route 2," McMahon told NBC 10. The accident happened at about 9 p.m. along a dark stretch of Route 2. Police have charged Adriana Wright, 42, of North Stonington with hitting the 16 year old and taking off.