Arrested Teachers in the News 1 August 2013 (Thursday)

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    Cleaning up & bookmarking some older stuff, I found a couple interesting links. If you think schools (especially the larger ones that have lots of teacher sex-abuse cases) wise up & rid themselves of their problem teachers, think again. Over in the UK:

    • Teachers already cleared to return to work will not have cases reviewed
    • Decision comes after Education Secretary promised strict new guidance
    Meanwhile, here in the USA:

    & sometimes it just doesn't pay to get involved:

    Sex abuse, female perps:

    Additional news items for:
    Sex abuse, male perps:

    Marcus Gabriel Henderson, 33, former substitute teacher at unspecified schools, Carson City School District, Carson City, Nevada, "charged ... with production and attempted production of child pornography"
    Additional news items for:
    Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, Redlands, California, Citrus Valley High School, Redlands Unified School District, Redlands High School, Morgan Shea Marricle, Muleshoe, Texas, Muleshoe High School, Muleshoe ISD, Benjamin Joseph Hoffman, Urbandale, Iowa, West Des Moine, Urbandale Middle School, Urbandale Community School District, Norwalk Middle School, Norwalk Community Schools, Norwalk, Gilbert Orellano, Whittier, Cypress, California High School, Whittier Union High School District, Marcus Gabriel Henderson, Carson City, Nevada, Carson City School District
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.