Mona Lisa Tello, (expletive deleted)'s Kitchen, New York, New York (arrested Jan 2012) [faked jury duty documents]

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    Name: Mona Lisa Tello, (expletive deleted)'s Kitchen, New York, New York

    Age: 61

    School: High School of Graphic Communication Arts, New York, New York

    Position: Bilingual science teacher

    New York Daily News (10 Jan 2012): Poor spelling undoes Manhattan school teacher Mona Lisa Tello, who faked jury duty to get out of class: Agrees to pay hefty fine and resign from the High School of Graphic Communication Arts

    DNAinfo (10 Jan 2012): (expletive deleted)'s Kitchen Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Forging Jury Documents

    L.A. Times (10 Jan 2012): Forging jury summons? Bad idea. Misspelling it? Worse

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    My Fox New York (11 July 2012): Teacher Accused Of Faking Jury Duty Notice

    Huffington Post (11 July 2012): Mona Lisa Tello, New York Teacher, Accused Of Faking Jury Letter To Skip School (VIDEO)

    New York Post (11 July 2012): Bad spell gets teach busted: Forged jury-duty letter loaded with typos

    Blast Magazine (11 July 2012): High School teacher arrested after forging jury duty note to get out of class

    Sun-Sentinel (11 July 2012): Bad spelling on bogus jury notice busts NY teacher

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