Vanessa Tsakrios, Oxnard, California (arrested June 2012)

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    Name: Vanessa Tsakrios, Camarillo, California

    Age: 24

    School: Pacifica High School [Oxnard Union High School District], Onxard, California

    Position: Substitute teacher

    Victim: Boy, 17

    City of Oxnard (CA) press release (6 June 2012):



    INCIDENT Substitute teacher arrested
    DATE/TIME Wednesday, June 6, 2012
    VICTIM 17-year old male, Oxnard resident
    SUSPECT Vanesssa Tsakrios 7/27/87 Camarillo resident
    CONTACT Mónica Muñoz Community Affairs Manager / PIO
    (805) 385-7631
    (Oxnard, CA) On Wednesday, June 6, 2012, officers from Oxnard PD responded to Pacifica High School because of a report that a substitute teacher participated in improper conduct with a 17-year old, male student. The investigation revealed that the adult had been engaging in “sexting” with the juvenile, including sending inappropriate photographs to each other.
    The substitute teacher was identified as 24-year-old Vanessa Tsakrios (7/27/87). She was contacted by detectives from the OPD Family Protection Unit and arrested for 288.3(a) PC, communication with a child with intent to commit improper sexual acts; 647.6(a)(1) PC, child annoying. Tsakrios is in custody at the Ventura County Jail with bail set at $500,000. She is a resident of Camarillo and was arrested in Westlake Village at about 6 p.m. The name of the victim is protected by law. He is an Oxnard resident and attends Pacific High School.
    Officials at the Oxnard Union High School District were notified of the arrest.
    Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to call Oxnard PD at (805) 385-7740 or Detective Erica Escalante at (805) 385-7759. If you wish to remain anonymous you may call Ventura County Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477. You can also visit this site to submit a tip via text or email.

    Vanessa Tsakrios, Camarillo, California, Pacifica High School, Oxnard Union High School District, Onxard
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    L.A. Times (7 June 2012): Oxnard high school teacher accused of 'sexting' student

    Ventura County Star (7 June 2012): Substitute teacher accused of 'sexting' with Oxnard student

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    CBS Local Los Angeles (8 June 2012): Oxnard Substitute Arrested For Allegedly ‘Sexting’ Student, 17

    ABC Local / KABC (8 June 2012): Oxnard substitute teacher arrested for 'sexting'

    L.A. Weekly (8 June 2012): Vanessa Tsakrios, 24-Year-Old Substitute Teacher in Oxnard, Allegedly Sexted 17-Year-Old Student

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    KEYT (8 June 2012): Substitute Teacher Accused of Sexting Student

    Ventura County Star (8 June 2012): Teacher accused of 'sexting' with student pleads not guilty

    Greek USA Reporter (8 June 2012): Greek Substitute Teacher Arrested for ‘Sexting’?

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    Ventura County Star (9 June 2012): Substitute teacher posts bail in Oxnard 'sexting' case

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    Ventura County Star: Substitute teacher ordered to stand trial over charge of 'sexting' student (Dec 4 2012)

    Vanessa Tsakrios, 25, of Camarillo, and the Pacifica High School student exchanged sexually explicit text messages and photos, Oxnard police Detective Erica Escalante testified. Escalante described an incident in which Tsakrios kissed the boy after a science laboratory class ended and other students had left the room. The boy had skipped football practice and gone up to the class where Tsakrios was substitute teaching, according to Escalante. "She said there were flirtations, and she also said she crossed the line in the student-teacher relationship," Escalante testified. "There was a lot of messaging, actually, between those two phones. "She just felt they had a connection that was beyond the actual reality, perhaps. She explained she had emotional and mental connections with him." Superior Court Judge Brian Back ruled that Tsakrios, arrested in June by Oxnard police, should be held to answer to one charge of luring of a child.