Stanley Allen Kendall, Mishawake & Plymouth, Indiana(fired Oct 2014)[2006 To Catch a Predator sting]

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    Stanley Allen Kendall, image from
    Dateline NBC To Catch a Predator

    Stanley Allen Kendall (Warsaw, Indiana; formerly of Mesquite, Texas), now 62, 54 at time off arrested, substitute teacher for the Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation, Mishawaka, Indiana, and for Plymouth Community Schools, Plymouth, Indiana, former math teacher at Spence Middle School, Dallas ISD, Dallas, Texas, arrested as part of Dateline NBC's To Catch a Predator child sex sting in Murphy, Texas, in November, 2006 -- episode was broadcast in February, 2007

    The statement that "the man was never prosecuted because of circumstances surrounding the man’s arrest" is a bit of a stretch. What happened in Murphy, Texas, was that the local prosecutor made a blanket refusal to prosecute any of the approximately two dozen local cases. The To Catch a Predator stings resulted in well over 100 successful prosecutions; due to the local prosecutors' refusal to do their job (perhaps in response to the suicide of one politically well-connected suspect who was also a prosecutor), we will never know which of those individual cases would have resulted in convictions.

    Plymouth, P-H-M sub had been arrested

    Penn-Harris-Madison and Plymouth school districts abruptly stopped using a Warsaw man as a substitute teacher Friday after they discovered he’d been arrested several years ago for soliciting sex from a minor.

    An Argos resident alerted Plymouth Community School Corp. after recognizing that the man had been featured on NBC’s “Dateline:To Catch a Predator” in 2007, where he was identified as a teacher in Texas.

    The man was arrested in Texas for one alleged incident of trying to lure a 13-year-old boy, said Plymouth Superintendent Dan Tyree. But the man was never prosecuted because of circumstances surrounding the man’s arrest, said P-H-M spokeswoman Jill Spencer.

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    A startling and deadly turn in Texas

    11 Nov 2006

    For an upcoming investigation into online sex predators, we went to Murphy, Texas— a bedroom community outside of Dallas and rigged a house with hidden cameras inside and out. And as always it wasn't long before men came to the door looking for a young teen home alone. 54-year-old Stanley Kendall met a boy online who told him he was 13. He was really chatting with a decoy from Perverted-Justice. Online, Kendall told the decoy he wanted to teach the inexperienced boy different sex acts and sent a picture of his genitals. Incredibly, it turns out he's a school teacher. When confronted, Kendall told us he teaches math at a Dallas Middle School. He also says even though he talked about teaching the boy all about sex, it never would have gone that far. Outside, officers from the Murphy police department are waiting to arrest him. He's charged with soliciting a minor online and is being held on $50,000 bail.
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    Penn-Harris-Madison removes substitute teacher after being seen on NBC's 'To Catch A Predator'

    The Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation has removed a male substitute teacher Friday, Oct. 17, after he was found to have been arrested for soliciting sex from a minor several years ago in Texas. He has also subbed at Plymouth Community Schools in Plymouth, Ind., according to a safety message from P-H-M schools.
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    Stanley Allen Kendall: A Mesquite, Texas teacher, 54 years old, who arrived at the sting operation in hopes of having sexual relations with a 13 year old boy. Stanley Kendall stated on camera that he "learned a lesson" about trying to meet underage males for sex online, and repeated that statement to police. According to Doris Berry, this 54 year old teacher doesn't have adequate evidence against him. Our question is... does this now mean Stanley Kendall, since Collin County has chosen not to prosecute... get to teach children again?

    Inadequate evidence. Read the following transcript, just a partial transcript, of the statements Kendall made to Chris Hansen and later police.

    Kendall: I’m sorry.
    Hansen: Sorry for what?
    Kendall: I thought this was a joke.
    Hansen: You thought what was a joke?
    Kendall: Well, I should have known better.
    Hansen: What did you think it was?
    Kendall: Truly, truly a setup.
    Hansen: A setup. And why would somebody try to do a setup on you?
    Kendall: To catch people that shouldn’t be talking to teenagers.
    Hansen: People like you.
    Kendall: Definitely. Well, no. This is the first time I’ve done this.
    Kendall: With a, you know, underage person, yes.

    Oh, the lack of evidence!

    Chat-log transcripts, phone recordings, video-taped confessions, their arrival at the stated location in the transcript... oh yes, such a lack of evidence. And this man may get to teach again, and why? Because Collin County has a bias against cooperation between law enforcement, media and private citizens? That's why this guy may get to teach again? You have got to be kidding us.
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    Schools work on new protocol after banned substitute teacher's '06 solicitation arrest surfaces

    Penn-Harris-Madison and Plymouth School Corporations both said they’re trying to figure out how they recently hired the sub, even though a background check didn’t show he’d been arrested for online solicitation of a minor. Sources say 61-year-old Stanley Kendall is the substitute teacher both districts fired Friday after someone from Argos reported seeing him on a well-known TV show, “To Catch a Predator.” Kendall reportedly grew up in Argos, which is why someone locally was able to recognize him on the show.

    In one part of the segment, Kendall says, “I teach math.” The reporter, Chris Hansen, asks, “What grade do you teach?” “6th, 7th and 8th grade,” Kendall replies. “6th, 7th and 8th grade,” Hansen repeats. “So you teach kids who are about the same age as the boy you thought you were going to visit tonight?” “Yes,” Kendall said.

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