Guilty! Robert Carl Shoemaker, St. Peter, Minnesota (arrested Oct 2013) [hit student in head w/11 lb. pack]

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    Robert Carl Shoemaker, 54, science teacher at St. Peter High School, St. Peter School District, St. Peter, Minnesota, "accused of dropping an 11-pound backpack on the student's head"

    Judge: Teacher's statement admissible

    A statement a teacher provided to the St. Peter High School principal, who was investigating allegations the teacher hit a student with a backpack, can be heard or seen by a jury during a criminal trial, a judge's ruling said. Robert Carl Shoemaker, 54, is accused of dropping an 11-pound backpack on the student's head during a science class on Sept. 26, 2013. The student said he wasn't feeling well and had his head down on his desk to rest when the backpack hit him.

    Shoemaker was interviewed by Peterson the day after the incident. Before the interview, Shoemaker was given what is called a "Tennessen warning." It warned Shoemaker that any information he provided could be used for disciplinary action. The warning also said he had the option to not provide a statement, but the school would then depend on information from others to make a disciplinary decision. Peterson did not tell Shoemaker the information could be used by law enforcement for a criminal investigation and prosecution.

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    Robert Carl Shoemaker, St. Peter High School, St. Peter School District, St. Peter, Minnesota
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    Judge says St. Peter teacher's statement must be turned over to prosecutors

    Shoemaker was charged last October with fifth-degree assault and malicious punishment of a child after allegedly hitting a student in the back of the head with a backpack in late September. The student reportedly told investigators he was struck after he didn’t feel well and put his head down on his desk.

    The student later complained of neck pain and was taken to River’s Edge Hospital where he was treated for a neck contusion, according to medical records provided by the victim’s parents.

    Before questioning Shoemaker, Peterson gave the former science teacher and girls basketball coach what’s called a Tennessen warning, which noted that information shared could be used to determine disciplinary action against the employee. If also said that Shoemaker wasn’t required to make a statement, though if he did information from others would be used in determining future action.

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    No jail time for St. Peter teacher charged with assaulting student

    Former St. Peter High School teacher Robert Carl Shoemaker entered an Alford plea Thursday in Nicollet County court to fifth-degree assault in the Sept. 23, 2013 incident in which a 17-year-old student was injured. Shoemaker, 54, was sentenced by District Court Judge Robert Docherty to four days of Sentence to Service (STS) and a $350 fine, as well as $80 in court fees and a $175 local correctional fine. He was ordered to write a letter of apology to the victim, then a SPHS senior, as well as continue counseling.

    Judge Docherty also issued a stay of imposition, meaning the assault charge would be reduced to a petty misdemeanor after one year if all terms of probation are met by Shoemaker. The plea agreement dismissed two other charges, including malicious punishment of a child. Nicollet County Attorney Michelle Zehnder Fischer had requested that Shoemaker receive four days jail time.

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    St. Peter teacher must write apology in backpack assault case

    The St. Peter teacher accused of hitting a student in the head with an 11-pound backpack two years ago has been ordered to write an apology letter to the victim and undergo counseling.

    Robert Shoemaker, 54, appeared in court Thursday for sentencing, after previously agreeing to a plea deal in the case. He was charged with one count of fifth degree assault. A gross misdemeanor charge, for malicious punishment of a child, was dismissed, as well one charge of disorderly conduct. He will have to serve four days of supervised community service or "sentencing to service," according to court records, as well as writing the apology letter and undergo counseling.


    He has not admitted any guilt in the incident, which occurred in the fall of 2013. The plea was a so-called Alford Plea, in which a defendant proclaims he is innocent of the crime, but concedes that the prosecution has enough evidence to prove that he is guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

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