Richard John Ryan, Buckeye, Arizona (arrested Dec 2012)

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    Richard John Ryan, Buckeye, Arizona, Verrado High School, Aqua Fria Union High School District, Goodyear
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    Arizona Republic: Buckeye police: Teacher's aide suspected in sexual conduct with teen (Dec 20 2012)

    Goodyear police have arrested a teacher’s aide at Verrado High School suspected of sexual conduct with a 16-year-old student from a Buckeye high school. Richard John Ryan, 21, was arrested after the girl disclosed inappropriate sexual contact with a teacher’s aide, said Lt. Scott Benson, a spokesman for Goodyear police.
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    West Valley View: Teacher's aide arrested in sex-crimes case (Dec 20 2012)

    [Richard John] Ryan came under investigation after the female student, a junior at Verrado, left a gift for Ryan that school officials considered to be "inappropriate," police said in the booking documents. "School officials opened the gift and discovered written materials inside the gift, in which the victim referred to dating the suspect and that he had broken up with her," police said. School officials contacted Buckeye police ...

    "School officials opened the gift ...": If the perp retains a good attorney, odds are that this will all be thrown out due to the illegal search. School officials seem to forget that public schools are agencies of government and thus are subject to the limitations on searches in the 4th amendent. They should have referred this immediately to law enforcement.