Philon "Sam" Deberry, Dallas, Texas (arrested Feb 2013)

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    Philon "Sam" Deberry (Fort Worth, Texas), 43, teacher & coach at Moisés E. Molina High School, Dallas ISD, Dallas, Texas, "arrested ... after a student accused him of luring her into a locker room and sexually assaulting her" Philon Deberry

    Philon Deberry
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    Dallas Morning News: Dallas ISD teacher arrested on suspicion of sexual assault in school locker room (Feb 21 2013)
    • The 17-year-old student told police that [Philon] Deberry had been “harassing her, hugging and kissing on her since early September,” according to the arrest warrant affidavit. She said he told her no one would believe her if she reported it and that he would lose his wife and children, which made her feel guilty, the affidavit states. The arrest warrant affidavit says the assault occurred in December at the school. The girl told police Deberry lured her to a gym area by telling her that one of her friends, who attends college, was there. He took her to the back of a locker room area, ushered her into the room and locked the door. The girl told police that he started unbuttoning his shorts and she was scared and tried to flee, but Deberry grabbed her by the hair. She yelled but nobody came, the affidavit states. She told police that Deberry forced her head to his crotch and forced her to perform a sex act. She said she hit him and when he eased his grip, she was able to run away, the affidavit states.
    • Around Feb. 13, Deberry was placed on leave in an unrelated incident that involved him transporting individual students to various doctors for athletic physical exams, according to DISD. At that time, the district contacted Child Protective Services and an investigation was launched. After Deberry was placed on leave, the girl told a school administrator about the harassment and the incident in the gym area. The administrator contacted police. The girl explained to police that she felt safe since he was no longer at the school and she didn’t want him to come back and harass her.
    • According to a search warrant affidavit, an anonymous tipster indicated that Deberry may have had sexual relations with one or more students in previous school years. Items listed on the search warrant include a cell phone, computers and DVDs.
    Philon Deberry, Dallas, Texas, Moisés E. Molina High School, Dallas ISD
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    WFAA: Dallas ISD coach arrested for sexual assault of student (Feb 21 2013)

    School district police charged a DISD coach at Molina High School with sexually assaulting and having an improper relationship with a 17-year-old female student ... As of Thursday night, he remained jailed in Dallas County, unable to post $200,000 bond.
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    CBS 19 TV: Dallas area coach arrested for sexually assaulting student (Feb 21 2013)

    A 43 year-old Molina High School wrestling coach is in jail on charges of sexual assault and improper relationship between and educator and student. His bond has been set at $200,000. Philon Deberry, who goes by Sam, was being investigated by Dallas ISD police for an unrelated incident when a student came forward with new allegations. A 17 year-old student told police Deberry had been "harassing her, hugging on her" since September of 2012, court documents said. She told police Deberry made her guilty by telling that if she told anyone, he would lose his wife and kids, the affidavit said. Court documents say in December of 2012, Deberry lured her into a locker room, then locked the door behind her. The victim said Deberry unbuttoned his shorts ...
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    Waco News Beat: Philon (Sam) Deberry Molina High School Dallas Coach Arrested (Feb 22 2013)

    44-year-old coach Philon Deberry, known to students as "Sam", has been accused of improper conduct with a female DISD student. Deberry was already under investigation for something else when a 17-year-old Molina High student came forward to allege improper conduct. The Dallas Independent School District police are continuing their investigation.
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    My Fox DFW: Dallas teacher accused in second sex case (Mar 4 2013)

    Police said a second student has since come forward with allegations against the 43-year-old. They did not elaborate on the details of that case.
    [Philon "Sam"] Deberry was arrested again on Friday on charges of having an improper relationship with a student.
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    Dallas Morning News: Dallas ISD teacher accused of sexually assaulting student in locker room re-arrested on sexual charge involving another student (Mar 4 2013)

    A Dallas ISD teacher arrested last month on charges he lured a student into a locker room and raped her is back in jail on a new sexual charge related to a different student, according to public records. Philon Deberry, 43, was arrested on Friday and remains in the Tarrant County Jail on a felony charge of improper relationship between educator and student, according to jail records. His bail is set at $50,000.
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    Mr. Deberry wS one of the nicest and most caring teachers I had. I find this story to be outrageous. Mr. Deberry went out of his way to help us kids. This was at a different school district than DISD but still, he was the most inspiring and helpful teachers I had in high school. I was newer to the district and he opened his classroom in the morning so we students could come and talk amongst eachother or ask him for advice with issues. He helped me a lot and to see this makes me think that someone's story might be off.
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    Note that at this point there are two someones whose stories would have to be "off".
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    Raw Story: Texas teacher arrested for ‘improper relationship’ after posting bail for rape charge (Mar 5 2013)

    A Dallas high school teacher was arrested on Friday for felony charges of improper relationship with a student, days after posting bail on rape charges involving another student. KXAS-TV reported on Monday that police suspect 43-year-old Philon “Sam” Deberry of meeting an 18-year-old student at Moises Molina High School for sex in a locker room after the student told Deberry, a teacher and wrestling coach at the school, that she had a crush on him. Authorities said the girl told detectives the relationship was consensual.
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    NBC DFW: Dallas Teacher Back in Jail, Accused of Sex With Another Student (Mar 5 2013)

    A Dallas Independent School District teacher is back in jail after another student says she had sex with him. Philon "Sam" Deberry, a 43-year-old wrestling coach and teacher at Moises Molina High School in Dallas, was arrested on Friday for allegedly having an improper relationship with a student back in 2011.


    In an arrest affidavit obtained by NBC 5, police stated that they learned that “Deberry might have had an improper relationship with another student approximately two years ago.” Investigators interviewed the former student. She told detectives that she had a crush on the 43-year-old and told him about her feelings for him. The court documents said the two “met in the school's locker room” where they had sex and "engaged in sexual activity on a number of other days". The girl told police the sexual relationship was consensual.

    NBC News: Teacher Accused of Sex With Another Student (Mar 5 2013)
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    I realize this but maybe one girl didn't like him and made up the story and another girl went with it, seen it happen before. I just remember him really caring about us and helping us if he could. He absolutely adored his little girl (daughter) and I couldn't imagine this happening. And if you see the area he was teaching at and why he was originally put on leave, it was for taking kids, who probably couldn't have had their parents do it, to the doctor for the check ups required. I'm assuming these were for sports, if its required, which it is, it should be provided in the schools. Especially for underprivileged students.