Guilty! Michelle Elaine Ball, Charleston, West Virginia (arrested Oct 2013)

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    Michelle Elaine Ball (St. Albans, West Virginia), 30 (born Oct 22 1983), Spanish teacher at Capital High School, Kanawha County Schools, Charleston, West Virginia, "charged with first-degree sexual abuse"

    WCHS TV: Capital High Teacher Charged With Sexual Abuse Of Student (Oct 29 2013)

    The alleged relationship happened between January and July of 2013, according to a criminal complaint filed in Kanawha County Magistrate Court. The 16-year-old, who is a student at Capital High School, told police that [Michelle Elaine] Ball took him to several restaurants and movies around the Charleston and St. Albans area. The alleged victim told police that Ball had provided marijuana that they smoked together on numerous occasions, Cpl. Robert Brown of the Charleston Police Department said. The victim told police that the relationship with Ball turned sexual between late June and early July of 2013 and even took a trip to Ohio where they shopped at area malls, Brown said.

    58 WCHS: Capitol High Teacher Charged With Sexual Abuse (Oct 29 2013)

    Michelle Elaine Ball, Charleston, West Virginia, Capital High School, Kanawha County Schools
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    Charleston Gazette: Capital High teacher charged with sexually abusing student (Oct 29 2013)

    According to a criminal complaint filed in Kanawha County Magistrate Court, the two met at Capital High ... The teenager said [Michelle Elaine] Ball began taking him to restaurants and movies around Charleston and St. Albans in January, according to the complaint. He told police that he and Ball often smoked marijuana together, which she provided. Ball also took the alleged victim on at least one trip to Ohio where they shopped at local malls.

    Sometime in late June or early July, the relationship turned sexual in nature, according to the complaint. On one occasion, Ball and the teen allegedly had been drinking at her house in St. Albans and had sexual contact in her shower. On another occasion, Ball drove to the teen's house in Charleston where they drank alcohol, and then rented a room at the Knights Inn on MacCorkle Avenue Southeast. The teen told police that Ball undressed him and they lay on the bed, but did not have sexual contact.
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    WSAZ: Teacher Charged with Sexually Abusing High School Student (Oct 29 2013)

    According to the criminal complaint, [Michelle Elaine] Ball and a 16-year-old boy began a relationship in January of this year, and it turned sexual by the summer ... Court records allege Ball took the student to her home, a hotel and even to Ohio for shopping trips and also that the two smoked pot, drank alcohol and showered together.
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    Thanks for the update:

    A former Spanish teacher at Capital High School was sentenced Tuesday to spend two years on probation for providing alcohol to a student. Michelle Elaine Ball, 31, of St. Albans, had been accused of having a sexual relationship with her teenage student, but made a deal with prosecutors in October that allowed her to admit only to contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She had also been indicted on a charge of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian, custodian or person in a position of trust. Ball could have faced up to a year in jail for the misdemeanor ...