Michael Lewis, Arlington, Tennessee (arrested Feb 2014)

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    Michael Lewis (2856 Alfaree Street, Bartlett, Tennessee), 31, teacher & assistant basketball coach at Bolton High School, Shelby County Schools, Arlington, Tennessee, "arrested for aggravated statutory rape of two 17-year-old girls"

    My Fox Memphis: Memphis firefighter & Bolton High School teacher arrested (Feb 7 2014)

    According to police, a student at Bolton High School admitted to having sex with her teacher, 31-year-old Michael Lewis ... The student says she and Lewis had a consensual sexual relationship, often having sex in his classroom and his house. Lewis' roommate, 31-year-old Bryan Wilson, a firefighter, is also charged with aggravated statutory rape of another student at Bolton.

    Michael Lewis, Arlington, Tennessee, Bryan Wilson, Bolton High School, Shelby County Schools, Bartlett
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    WCM TV: Teacher and firefighter accused of having sex with teens (Feb 7 2014)

    Though quiet outside the school, the halls had been murmuring for a week ... On Wednesday, a 17-year-old student told investigators she had been involved in a sexual relationship with Michael Lewis, 31, a teacher and assistant baseball coach at Bolton High School, according to an affidavit of complaint. According to the document, the teen told investigators she had also spent more than three nights with Lewis at his personal residence, in addition to have sex in his classroom ... Lewis' roommate, 31-year-old Memphis firefighter Bryan Wilson, is also accused of having sex with a different 17-year-old girl at the house.
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    WREG: Teacher & Firefighter Charged With Statutory Rape (Feb 7 2014)

    Deputies say two 17-year-old girls told them they were involved in sexual relationships with the men. A girl told investigators in one case, the consensual sex happened inside a Bolton High School classroom numerous times. Bolton teacher and assistant basketball coach Michael Lewis, 31, is charged with statutory rape by an authority figure and aggravated statutory rape. The girl also said she spent at least three nights with Lewis at his home.

    A Memphis firefighter who lives at the same address as Lewis is also charged with statutory rape of a 17-year-old female. The second girl told police she stayed with Bryan Wilson, 31, at least ten nights and had consensual sex five times.
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    Memphis Rap: Memphis Teacher, Firefighter Both Accused Of Having Sex With Teens In The Same House (Feb 7 2014)

    A Bolton High School teacher, Michael Lewis, 31, was arrested when a 17 yr-old student revealed to investigators that she had been involved in a relationship that was sexual with the teacher on numerous occasions even sometimes taking place in his classroom. According to documents, the teen spent at least three nights at Michael Lewis’ home.

    Meanwhile, Bryan Wilson, who is also 31 years-old an works as a Memphis firefighter, was arrested as well after another 17 year-old claimed she had sex with Wilson multiple times at the same house.
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